How Often Should I Wash?

Typically, when you wear a pair of underwear or a shirt, you throw it in the laundry immediately after wearing it. Washcloths are another one use wash but what about towels? Hand towels? Sheets, covers, blinds or curtains?

This will be an ongoing guide with updates on a regular basis.

Towels are said to be OK 2-3 uses since you dry yourself off after bathing but some people prefer using them once.

Hand towels that are only used to dry hands typically can last 2-3 days.

Kitchen towels should be washed when they are used.

Sheets– 1 time a week

Covers– once a month unless you don’t use a top sheet.

Blinds– use a dust rag, feather duster or even a wet cloth about once every couple months.

Curtains should be washed about every 3 months. Dust builds up but they just hang so they don’t need cleaned as often as other items that are used regularly.

Jeans are a 3-4 time use, unless you get them dirty.

Bras can typically go two to three wears unless you sweat a lot. If you find yourself really sweaty, you may want to wash with every wear.

Shoes tend to be ignored but should ideally be washed every week to every two weeks- it’s best to put them on cold, in a delicate bag and on a delicate cycle when they start to look dirty. Let them air dry to prevent damage to the dryer or damage to the shoes.

Cars are another often ignored item that need to be washed. It’s best to wash your car off after a snow when salt and other things get on your car. The salt can cause lasting damage. It’s also best during the summer to wash every other week unless you live out in the country and ride dirt roads on a regular basis.

Windows– every 3 months

Fridge– cleaned out weekly

Dishes– either with every meal or before you go to bed each night, never go to bed with dirty dishes- it can lead to pest invasions like German roaches.

Sink– both kitchen and bathroom should be wiped down nightly before you go to bed, kitchen sink should be wiped out every time you use it but cleaned every time you use something like raw meat or nightly.

Couch or Upholstered Furniture- Deep cleaned at least once or twice a year but if you have kids, pets or it needs it; every 1-3 months with vacuuming when needed.

Shower– The shower should be washed at least once a week, maybe more. It all depends on what type of door or curtain you have. The shower should be wiped out every time it’s used to prevent build up and shower curtains should be cleaned at least once a month, unless your preference is more often (I typically wash mine at least once a week)

The shower head should also be cleaned at least once a month.

Purse– You ideally should clean out the contents of your purse either daily or weekly. That way you can remove all the old receipts and other things you end up tossing in the bottom and things won’t get too cramped or lost. You should wipe down your purse whenever you need- there isn’t a set amount of time but weekly wipe downs with disinfectant or wet wipes don’t hurt.

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