Wheel of the Year

The wheel of the year are the Pagan/Wiccan holidays. There are 8 in total and go by the equinox and solstices. This is also under construction

February 2- Imbolc

March 19-22 Ostara (tends to mostly fall on the 20th)

Ostara corresponds with the Christian holiday of Easter. It also corresponds with the 1st day of Spring, sometimes it can be as early as March 19th sometimes as late as March 22nd but is usually celebrated on March 20th. This is the 2nd of the solar festivals and is celebrated as the maiden goddess waking up from her long sleep.

Days are starting to get a little bit longer with nights starting to shorten.

The main symbols for Ostara are rabbits due to their fertile nature, eggs for the same reason and typically the eggs are dyed with natural dyes instead of artifical dyes.

May 1- Beltane


June 19-23- Litha

August 1- Lughnasadh

September 21-24- Mabon

November 1- Samhain

December 20-23- Yule

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