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Dream Theme of the Week: Babies

Have you recently had a dream about a baby? Maybe you had a dream dealing with pregnancy, babies or birth and you cannot forget about the dream.
If you find that you’re dreaming about babies, it likely doesn’t mean you have baby fever or want a new baby- babies in dreams can symbolize much more than the actual maternal/paternal desire to have kids. Babies in dreams show the ultimate in innocence and helplessness. Babies depend on us for everything and without an adult, they will die. Babies also represent the purest of human nature.

If you’re holding a happily cooing baby, you’re nurturing your own inner child. You’re giving your own inner self what you need and you’re caring about yourself.

On the flip side, if you’re holding a crying and screaming baby there is something internally that you’re neglecting that is in desperate need of attention.

Finding a baby and taking care of it shows that you’re choosing actively to take care of a part of your own inner nature or you’re accepting the potential for growth in an aspect of your own self.

Abandoning or neglecting a baby shows a part of your internal self you’re neglecting- maybe you’re acting too serious and you need to take a break and allow your inner child to come out for a while.

If you hear a baby crying but don’t see the baby, it’s a part of you that is either trapped in dependency in someone else or an aspect of yourself that you’re neglecting.

To see a baby eating from a bottle, you’re either dependent or acting immature. To drink from a baby bottle yourself shows that you’re depending on others too much or you’re needing to start acting more mature.

Attending your own baby shower shows acceptance of your own choices and choosing to nurture an aspect of yourself- same with adopting or taking on responsibility for a baby that is not your own.

If you are a baby it’s showing that you’re acting immaturely.

When you’re feeding a baby it shows a nurturing nature or something you’re doing to nurture something. If you’re being fed, it shows that either you need to eat less or you’re being force fed something you’re already familiar with.

Dreaming that you have an abortion shows that you are blocking some aspect of your personal growth. You may feel scared or nervous about starting a new page, so you want to kill that part of your future before it has a chance to come to fruition. If you have a back alley abortion, you’re willing to do anything to keep your life from changing. Even if it could backfire and harm you personally.

Dreaming about losing a baby can mean you’re losing a part of yourself. You may have a dream that you want to achieve but you’re seeing it slip away. It could also show that you are losing a little part of your own self- maybe you had a major life change and you’re noticing that you don’t feel the same as you did (IE losing yourself as a new parent or new husband/wife)

Pregnancy typically shows new beginnings of some kind. You’re seeing something start to take effect and you’re seeing something in your waking life grow- could be a relationship, career, job, life path, hobby or business venture- either way you’re seeing that it is starting to grow and if it’s properly nurtured, it has unlimited potential.

Miscarriages show the loss of those hopes, dreams or new ventures you’re wanting to try to start. If you have a business you’re wanting to start and it fails immediately, you may dream about a miscarriage.

There are many potential meanings associated with dreams about babies, like with all dreams, the details hold the key to discovery. This is the first part of a dream interpretation dream theme of the week series, topics will be added every week. If you’re interested in a guide to what different symbols mean, check out my dream journal or my dream dictionary.


How I Use My Dreams to Solve my Problems

A couple years ago, I was drifting. I knew I didn’t want to continue working where I was working then and I knew I wanted more out of life. I couldn’t put my finger on it.
I aimlessly took courses and did research. I ended up with three half done Etsy shops, 2 websites that were quiet for a whole year and no idea what I wanted.
I didn’t know where to turn to determine it, so I looked within and started meditating, The meditations turned into dreams that I was able to call on and those dreams were able to give me a clear goal.
It didn’t happen over night, but I did learn to master dream manipulation.
Now, I’m back in college for something I’m truly interested in studying. I am working a job I’m much happier at and I know the steps I need to take in order to hit the goals for the side job I have been able to narrow down (at one point I was trying to dabble in about 4 or 5 different things, now I’m narrowed down and focusing on just 3)
What is dream manipulation?
It’s calling on dreams to work for you. Every night, your brain processes the information it takes in over the course of the day. Once you realize something conscientiously, your brain will send the message to you at night- through dreaming.
If you can harness that and use it to help you, you can figure out
The solution to a problem you’re having
The way to achieve a goal you have, if you’re unsure about the goals, they can help you with discovering those as well.
What steps you need to get from point A to point B
If you can master lucid dreaming, you can play out the results of following two or more paths in the safe confines of the dream.
What is lucid dreaming?
Lucid dreaming is where your brain wakes up in the middle of the dream. Lucid dreams are interactive dreams where you are able to actively and consciously control what you do in the dream.
It has taken me years to be able to fall into a lucid dream through bedtime meditation but it is possible for anyone to learn. This is why I push the importance of dreams. They are the literal window into your brain an your perfect life.
How Have I Learned How to Lucid Dream?
I started out with simple meditations before I went to bed. I would focus on the problem and focus on lucid dreaming while going to bed.
If you keep doing the meditations right before you go to bed, within a few weeks you should be starting to lucid dream. As you fall asleep, keep thinking about remembering your dream while you’re about to go to sleep. Before long, you will find that you can call on a lucid dream without issue.
This won’t start immediately. It will take some time.
I have developed a 6 week course to help people learn how to use their dreams to solve their problems or clarify their goals the same way I have over the years.
Attraction Series

Did I Meet My Twin Flame?

Meeting the twin flame is a very strong connection. Stronger than any other connection you feel with any other person. People often dream about meeting theirs and others find, in retrospect, they did meet theirs but the relationship ran its course and went down in flames. So, how do you know if you meet your twin flame? There are a number of ways to tell.

You’ll think you met your fe/male version and it will feel like you’ve known them forever

Now, the twin flame is the second half of your soul. That means you will meet the person who not only completes you but is like the male/female version of you.

You will feel like you’re meeting yourself- your same messed up sense of humor? They likely will either share it or not be put off by it. You will feel a natural connection with them- it will feel like you have known them much longer than you actually have. Both of those are related- because you both will be so much alike that it will be a natural chemistry. That’s why it can be difficult to hold on to them. The connection is so intense that you will move fast and you will both keep the chemistry for a long time.

You will feel natural with them

You will likely have this connection with others as well, but you will never feel insecure around them. You will feel naturally at ease and it’ll feel like no matter what, you can be yourself. You will want to be around them and they will want to be around you and you will be able to feel that they will accept you no matter what.

They will push you to really grow

The whole concept of meeting this person is internal growth. You will want to grow as a person and they will want to see you grow. They will be by your side while you’re doing it and you will both be on the same page. You will grow with them and they will have you to lean on during the rough times, and you can lean on them during those times as well.

Growth will come naturally

This relationship is what helps you grow as a person, so it will naturally come to you when you’re with this person. They will challenge you and you will challenge them and both of you will experience a lot of personal growth during your time together. This is also why the relationships don’t always work out. Personal growth is a very important part of this relationship, so it’s not always meant to be a lasting relationship and you can be just as happy with a soul mate as you can with your twin flame (although the twin flame will always come to mind, it doesn’t always have to be romantically and you can learn to be happy in other relationships)

You can never stay mad

You will fight, argue but you can never stay mad at each other for long. You will find that you forgive this person much easier than other people and you both will make up every time you argue.

You’re both highly spiritual and have a spiritual connection

You both are driven to a higher spirituality. You both are wanting to grow and you’re wanting to grow together. The twin flame will come into your life when you’re going to be going through a higher phase of growth, so they will come in and push you to really come to the life you’re needing to come to.

They will truly get you

Since you’re both so similar, they will quickly grow to know you better than anyone else in your life. They will understand you and why you work the way you work. They will truly get you and you will truly get them. You both will know each other so well, you may find yourselves finishing each others’ sentences and you will just feel understood.

You’re both on the same wave length

You both will feel the same energetic connection. You will show the same or similar energies.

You are a better person with them

They will make you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be. You will find that you are the best version of yourself when they are around.



There are many ways to speculate if someone is your twin flame, but if you feel someone is yours but they don’t feel the same, they likely aren’t. If they are, there will be no doubt about it. It doesn’t mean you have to be with them as romantic partners, not all twin flames are meant to share their whole lives together, but some are. Some are meant to come into your life and bring on personal growth then leave. They will leave a lasting impact on you no matter how long they are in your life.



Learning Astrology is Easier Than It Seems

Astrology comes across as being a very detailed and can even feel intimidating to learn, but it is easier than it seems. There is much more to it than just the sun sign and moon sign. There are all the other planets, which all have different effects on your life.


Mercury is communication- that also includes your ability to adapt to new technologies.

Venus shows how well you handle relationships and what your relationship style is. That goes for not only romantic relationships, but also friends and even family.

Mars is your ambition as well as your drive to career. Mars is the most aggressive of the signs, so it shows what you’re passionate most about.

Jupiter shows your luck. It shows when you’re most lucky in life and it also shows where you are most giving.

Saturn shows work ethic and what you’re like as a worker

Uranus shows how original you are and your creativity

Neptune shows your spiritual side and

Pluto shows your ability to conform to others. Pluto is also the planet of death and rebirth. It can show areas of transformation.

Charon shows your deepest injuries from early childhood, even past lives that lives on in you today.

Black Moon Lilith, as some people call her, represents darker subjects and topics that are more taboo. She shows areas where you have problems throughout life in terms of topics like sexuality.

North Node is the area of your life where you are naturally talented. You have strongly developed this area in past lives, so you do not need to work further on developing this- but it can be overdeveloped to the point of over focus and lead to underused of other traits

South Node is the underdeveloped area where you need to focus on developing. You need this trait but it will require further work in order to grow it.



Conjunctions happen when two planets are aligned in the same sign. They compliment each other typically and if they are perfect, they are even stronger. This aspect will magnify the effects of the signs and make them stronger.

For the most part, conjunctions are positive but there are some negative connotations and more challenging signs but they are all vital to your soul’s overall growth and your overall personality.


Sextiles are favorable. They are complementary placements that happen when two planets are two signs apart in the chart. They are always energetically complementary so they work well together in the chart and add an extra synergy.


Squares are typically unfavorable placements. This happens when the planets are three signs apart, so they don’t work well together. This creates confusion in the chart and the planets do not align well.

This will show the darker sides of the planets as opposed to the better sides and more complimentary positions.


Oppositions are when the planets sit 180 degrees from each other. They are rough to deal with, but they are also easier than a square.

They can push two extremes and swing wildly, but they can also be compatible at the same time.


Trines are the final aspect. They are formed by the planets being four signs apart. They are always signs in the same element, so they are very favorable and compatible.

When looking at a trine, it’s the strongest connection (Earth with Earth, air with air, etc)

This placement is even better than a sextile and is a very positive sign to have in your chart.


There is a lot that goes into properly reading a natal chart, but once you get that down, you will see that with practice you’re able to get a better grasp on everything.


Astrology seems to be a highly detailed and complex topic, and it is, but it is easy to understand once you have the information about the basics down. In this course, I’m giving you the information to learn what you need to know to be able to understand your own natal chart as well as read other natal charts for others.


The book and course both will cover these topics to go fully in depth.

Chapter 1- The Basics of Astrology: What is a Natal Chart? What Are the Houses?

Chapter 2- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Sun Sign?

Chapter 3- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Moon Sign?

Chapter 4- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Mercury Sign?

Chapter 5- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Venus Sign?

Chapter 6- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Mars Sign?

Chapter 7- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Jupiter Sign?

Chapter 8- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Saturn Sign?

Chapter 9- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Uranus Sign?

Chapter 10- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Neptune Sign?

Chapter 11- The Basics of Astrology: What is your Pluto Sign?

Chapter 12- The Basics of Astrology: Charon and Lilith

Chapter 13- The Basics of Astrology: North and South Nodes

Chapter 14- The Basics of Astrology: Aspects Explained: conjunctions

Chapter 15- The Basics of Astrology: Aspects Explained: Trines

Chapter 16- The Basics of Astrology: Aspects Explained: Oppositions and Squares

Chapter 17- The Basics of Astrology: Aspects Explained: Sextiles

Chapter 18- Astrology for Career

Chapter 19- Astrology for Love

Chapter 20- Astrology for Life

Chapter 21- Astrology for Health and Wellness

Chapter 22- Astrology for Well Being

Chapter 23- All About the Signs: Aries

Chapter 24- All About the Signs: Taurus

Chapter 25- All About the Signs: Gemini

Chapter 26- All About the Signs: Cancer

Chapter 27- All About the Signs: Leo

Chapter 28- All About the Signs: Virgo

Chapter 29- All About the Signs: Libra

Chapter 30- All About the Signs: Scorpio

Chapter 31- All About the Signs: Sagittarius

Chapter 32- All About the Signs: Capricorn

Chapter 33- All About the Signs: Aquarius

Chapter 34- All About the Signs: Pisces


Attraction Series

Can You Find Your Twin Flame? How to find either a soul mate or your twin flame

Most people say they dream about meeting their soulmate, what they really want to meet is their twin flame. A soul mate is meant to teach you a lesson in life, while the twin flame is the second half of your soul. You have many soul mates that come and go from your life while you only ever have one twin flame. Is there a way to speed up meeting your twin flame?

The big thing is that you have to be ready. You have to know that you are ready to meet the one. One of the best things to do is to get the past pain out of your mind. Remember that you were hurt in the past, yes, but this new person is not the one who hurt you.

Once you accept that not every man (or woman) who has come into your life is going to hurt you. You were hurt by one particular individual (which wasn’t meant to be “the one”) and you need to accept that not everyone is the same then you will meet the person you’re meant to spend your life with.

Nothing is guaranteed. Lives are lost daily and people are left, even at the alter. Not every relationship is meant to be forever, but all relationships are meant to be for that time.

You need to have your mind open to meeting the one. You need to be open to allowing yourself to open up. You have to open yourself to the possibility of being hurt. If you really want to love someone you have to be open to it.

You cannot truly love if you can’t let go of the past. It’s not fair to future partners if you go into each relationship feeling like they’re going to hurt you. To really be ready to meet your twin flame without crashing, your soul has to be ready. You have to know deep down in your heart that you are ready to settle down and be with one person for the rest of your life.

If you feel you’re ready, read on for some ideas and tips to meeting the one.

Spellwork to Meet Your Ideal Partner

There is a simple spell you can do to attract what you want. This worked for me and we have been married for almost 12 years now. I didn’t mean to do this spell, but I did remember after some time.

I took a piece of paper and wrote down every quality I could think of- I went as deep as what the man looked like, music he would listen to and interests. I wrote everything I could think of down on paper and marked the deal breakers. I then kept the piece of paper in a safe location but you also could burn the paper- burning gets your intention out in the air faster, while keeping it on you can help keep it close.

Just two days later, I met the man who fit the whole description literally walking down the street and we were inseparable for years. We have two kids and have built a life together. He truly is my twin flame.

Meditation Method to Become Ready

Another method to meeting a soul mate (or even your twin flame) is to do deep work on yourself. There is no spell or ritual to meet this person- you have to be ready. Make sure you’re truly ready to meet the one.

Clear your mind and heart of past hurt and work to heal from the broken hearts of the past. Trust that all the failed relationships are building you up to truly finding the one you’re meant to be with so that when you find this person, you will appreciate it. You will learn from past pain and appreciate the way this person makes you feel.

Make sure you’re truly open to meeting someone new. Do a few meditations over the course of several months.

Do a meditation to clear your heart chakra. Make sure you don’t have a blockage. Do a meditation to heal your heart. When you do that meditation, clear your mind of the pain from your latest break up. Clear your mind of the pain of the worst heartbreak. Take everything people have ever said to you- if anyone ever told you you’re too picky or you will never find someone who will love you like they did. Wipe those thoughts away. Remember that all relationships that fail are building up to the one you’re meant to be in.

They fail because they’re not meant to be. Once you do meet that person, you will need a clear heart. You will need the child like innocence you had when you entered your first relationship. You will need to see that person through the eyes you had when you first fell “in love” with the first person who hurt you. They need to see that excitement and vulnerability because it will be real.

Clear all negative thoughts out of your mind and make sure you’re truly open to letting someone come in. You will never meet your twin flame (or worse, it will crash and burn) until you’re truly ready to allow them to come in. If you’re not ready, it will burn too intense and you will find that you are not ready.

You will need to be ready to give the relationship your all if you want to meet and be with your twin flame.


There is no secret spell or magical way to attract your twin flame but with a cleared heart and the true, burning desire, you will make it more likely to meet him/her. You need to prepare and heal your own hurt, heartache and heartbreak in order to really find that one person who truly completes you. A soul mate will provide a strong connection. The twin flame will make you complete. The twin flame will feel like someone you have known your whole life and you have likely crossed paths with throughout your lives.

You may find they are in and out of your life, but you’re always ready to forgive and move on. They help you grow and they grow with you. When you finally meet them, you will be ready to grow on a new level, even if they aren’t with you forever in this life, you will continue to think about them and potentially talk to them and when the time is right, you might end up with them.



What is the Soul Mate?

Everyone dreams about finding their soulmate, people consider the soulmate to be “the one” they were meant to be with, but everyone has multiple soul mates. Soul mates are people that come in and out of our lives in order to teach us lessons in life.

Some will hurt us, some will love us and some, we will not get along with. Some will stay in our lives and with social media, it’s easier now than ever to keep in touch with those special people in our lives.

Some will come in and out of our lives.

If you had a whirl wind relationship- the excitement followed by the inevitable heartbreak, there is a good chance you met a soul mate who wasn’t meant to last.

Many people get the concepts of twin flame and soul mate mixed up, everyone only has one twin flame but many soulmates.


How do I know I’ve found a soulmate?

If you feel a deep, intense connection to someone, it feels like you both have known each other for years even though you only met or you just naturally feel comfortable around them; that typically means you found a soul mate. A soulmate can be a child, sibling, family member, friend, significant other or even a pet.

If someone comes into your life and you learn an important lesson, that person/animal was likely a soulmate. Some will stay active in your life but others will simply slip away after the lesson is learned.


New Dream Interpretation Course Offered

The first lesson is free and will show basics of what you will learn in the course.

This is going into detail about what dream symbols mean and why you should pay attention. The whole course is 50 and you will get access to the full course indefinitely. Right now, the first several lessons are up but more will be added over time.


Book Tour Stop: Whisky and Ink

Book: Whisky and Ink

Author: D. Gabrielle Jensen
Genre: Fantasy

Convents, crossbows, and creeps–all in a day’s work when it comes to hunting damned souls. Quick-witted and always on the go, Fia Drake’s whole life has revolved around independence.

Now that independence is being threatened. First it was a fiery phoenix breaking through her window. Now, it’s a shimmering, winged being beckoning her back to the community she left in her teens. Worse yet, she is asked to become a mentor to a new generation of soul hunters.

If it were up to her, she would just skip town.

Unfortunately, two complications prevent her from leaving.

Complication #1

A message from the tarot reveals someone close is plotting against her, and the best way to uncover a traitor is to stand by their side.

Complication #2

The drummer in her bed isn’t going away. Max Hawkins, her unrelenting knight in scuffed sneakers, refuses to let her fight alone.

With a shot of liquid courage and a blessed tattoo, can Fia work out who’s hunting her–or will it all end in flames?

Where to get it: https://books2read.com/WhiskeyAndInk

Review: I personally loved it. I had trouble putting it down. I’m not going to give away details about the book, but I found myself rooting for the main character, Fia and her boyfriend, Max

I felt everything Fia felt and found myself really in the story. If you’re looking for an exciting book that you will get lost in, this is a great book.

Fia was a great woman who was easy to fall in love with and Max was her perfect partner.

If you’re looking for a book with romance and action that you won’t be able to put down, this book is a must.

About the author:

What began with a princess captured by a pirate and rescued by a dragon has developed into D. Gabrielle Jensen’s lifelong fascination with stories of the unexpected and unexplored. She has dabbled across many styles and genres, but whether through startling, staccato works of pulp horror or the dirt and grime of urban fantasy, she always finds her way back to speculative fiction.

An award-winning bestseller, D. is built from drumbeats and hot asphalt. Even as an imaginative child in the rural mountains of Colorado, she felt pulled to the chaos and clamor of The City—any city, every city. With this in mind, she aims to infuse her work with mortar and music. Her favorite views of any city are from the rooftops and the side streets. She strives to show the beauty of both in her stories, urging you to walk the streets with her as she introduces you not only to powerful heroines and antiheroines but to the buskers, bartenders, and baristas who make up the fabric of every city.

If writing be her first love, music is the trusted friend D. turns to when that love forgets her birthday. She can sing along with new songs before they’ve finished playing and set up a drum kit blindfolded. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t know how to play her parents’ vinyl records. She has one Spotify playlist (out of many) that can run for two full days without repeat and an active hatred for paperless concert tickets. She works that love of music into her writing through allusions to lyrics in imagery, characters named after songs and musicians, and behind-the-scenes playlists. She will even write to a metronome if she needs to give a scene just the right cadence.

D. loves things that begin with the letter C—coffee, cats, cities, conversation, concerts—and things that don’t—airports, humans, macrophotography, urban decay, macrophotography of urban decay, and the beauty of flaw. She encourages everyone to join her across social media and on Patreon. Strike up a conversation. What are you waiting for?


Astrology 101- Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Astrology shows your communication skills and style. Its how you express yourself to others and how you understand the world around you.


Mercury in Aries are natural born leaders. You’re confident but sometimes overly so. You have a strong competitive edge and are prone to speaking without thinking. You’re also prone to acting on emotions more than logic.


Mercury in Taurus is level headed and logical. You think before you speak and try to practice self control when emotions run high. You’re level headed and prefer working out conflicts.

You try to think before you speak, especially when you’re angry or feeling strong emotions.


Mercury in Gemini– Jack of all trades, master of none. You tend to know a ton about a wide variety of subjects and you’re always wanting to learn more but you’re so scattered that you tend to only learn a little about everything instead of mastering one.

You’re quick witted, able to make fast decisions with confidence and you tend to find a sense of humor in just about everything and all situations.


Mercury in Cancers are emotional listeners and speakers. You are the best when it comes to reading the emotions of the people in the room and you can relate sympathetically better than others. Emotions are your language and you feel deeply.


Mercury in Leo love attention and you are showy when you’re trying to impress someone. Your way of showing people that you care is through strong displays- affection, style and anything else that will get their attention.


Mercury in Virgos are practical, stern and confident in approaching others. You speak with authority on any given topic- even if you don’t truly know it. You are prone to jealousy and envy over what others have and have done but you can get past that pretty quickly.


Mercury in Libras are sociable but do the best speaking one on one. You love pleasing others and you’re a very good people person. You can get along with many other types of people and usually come across as charismatic and charming.

You’re the peacemaker- when two people are fighting, you’re the one keeping the level head helping them find the right way to come to an agreement.


Mercury in Scorpio– You like to watch before you really start talking and it takes a lot for you to truly open up to someone. You will never get in too deep with a stranger but you will discuss beliefs on deeper topics. You live in your head more than in person and you value privacy above everything.

When it comes to people, you love getting to know someone before opening up- you want to make sure you can trust anyone you talk to before going too deep.


Mercury in Sagittarius– You’re a socialite. You love being around people but prefer keeping your encounters shallow until you meet someone who you really click with.

You want to learn all there is to know about life, love and the world around you but you need to draw your own conclusions, there is very little time to be told how to think or what to think. You have wild ideas and love being given the freedom to be 100% you.


Mercury in Capricorn– You move at a slower pace. You prefer thinking and taking your time when it comes to solving problems- that way you know you’re doing it right. You communicate slower as well so you can easily explain.

You need routine, strict boundaries and you have to have things in order in order to feel your best. You are a clear as day communicator and you’re able to explain most things to most people with ease.


Mercury in Aquarius– You love to express yourself as creatively as you can. You may not be a loud and obnoxious person, but you take pride in everything that makes you stand out and different.

You’re studious and love to show off how much you know about any given subject. You can be arrogant but you aren’t trying to please everyone.


Mercury in Pisces have an easy time expressing themselves. They are peaceful and harmonious by nature. You love poetry and written works of art. Both speaking and listening come naturally to you and you take pride in your ability to truly understand and relate to most people you come across.

Mercury in the Houses

Mercury in the first house– You’re talkative and can take over the conversation. You can feel a bit restless and you tend to

Mercury in the second house– You can adapt easily to different situations and you’re practical.

Mercury in the third house– You have a natural curiosity and question everything around you. You love to read, learn and travel; anything that helps you learn as much about any given topic as you can.

Mercury in the fourth house– You have a very strong imagination and love to dream big. You are prone to getting lost in your own thoughts.

Mercury in the fifth house– you have a creative flare to the way you communicate. You’re good with both spoken and written words. You are a naturally talented writer and public speaker. You’re creative and playful as well as witty.

Mercury in the sixth house– you’re a worrier, you have a nervous energy but you’re highly detail oriented as well as a perfectionist.

Mercury in the seventh house– you’re always up for a good debate, especially if you can change someone’s opinion or have yours changed. You love speaking your mind and you’re very opinionated. You’re almost always able to see things from other views and in most cases can argue both sides.

Mercury in the eighth house– you’re able to help and study things and people that others may not be able to see as well. You’re able to speak clearly with the confidence of an expert.

Mercury in the ninth house– You’re always studying and wanting to learn as much as you can about all subjects. You love reading and sharing what you know with others. You would be a professional student if you could.

Mercury in the tenth house– You have a real way with words. You’re able to easily communicate with others and you typically go to jobs where you have to use your communication skills. You love talking, public speaking, writing and all other forms of verbal and written communication.

Mercury in the eleventh house– You’re constantly wanting to understand other people. You have a natural ability to really communicate in an open manner and you can relate well to others. You’re typically a people person and you don’t even have to try.

Mercury in the twelfth house– You think carefully before you speak and never speak too much, especially before gaining trust in people. You’re the best when it comes to keeping secrets- nothing slips past you so people can confide their deepest secrets to you. You’re cautious with who you trust but when someone wins you over, you will open up.

You tend to overthink and analyze everything to death so you can be a bit high strung and anxious.