Astrology Basics

When people talk about astrology, the sun sign is usually what comes to mind. Most horoscopes are based on your sun sign and are mainly generic and “just for fun” but what if there was a way to tailor your horoscope more to yourself? There is. The natal chart goes beyond the basic, generic sun sign and gives you an exact placement based on your exact time and location of birth. The natal chart provides an in depth description of who you are as a person and is more accurate than the generic definitions.

The sun sign is an important snapshot of who you are and your overall personality, but the moon is equally important- showing your hopes, fears, insecurities as well as what drives you. Mercury shows how you communicate and how receptive you are to others’ communications.

Venus goes into your relationships with yourself as well as friends, coworkers, family and romantic interests.

Mars is your ambition, passion and drive.

Saturn shows your work ethic, and career drive.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and what makes you most lucky. Uranus is what makes you unique.

Neptune shows your thoughtful and spiritual side and

Pluto shows creativity and independence.

After getting through the placements of each planet, the moon and sun you also add in Charon (one of Pluto’s moons) and “Black star” Lilith. Lilith symbolizes taboo subjects- sexuality and insecurities. She shows elements that are kept hidden or that aren’t normally considered positive.

North and South Nodes are last on the list as the cosmic karmic placements. North and South Nodes are your life purpose. They are on opposite ends, so the signs always correspond. They will be covered in a later lesson.



The zodiac is divided into 12- each house corresponds with a different sign and symbolizes different things.

First house- the first house is the house of what people see. It’s first appearances and first impressions. This house is ruled by Aries.

Second house- This is the house of material and physical possessions. This is the house ruled by Taurus and it’s all about the pride of your material, money, lifestyle and self-esteem.

Third house- this is the house of communication. It rules over social situations and how you relate to people, siblings, forms of communication (including digital), how well or bad you communicate and so on. This house is ruled by Gemini

Fourth house- This house is ruled by Cancer. It’s the house of home. It’s where you feel most secure and free to be yourself. It’s the house of comfort.

Fifth house- This is the house of style, drama, expression and originality. It’s ruled by Leo and shows how you express yourself outwardly to other people.

Sixth house- This is the house of health. It’s mental and physical health and well being. This house rules over routines and other things that help live a structured life. It’s rule by Virgo.

Seventh house- The house of nonfamily relationships. This house rules over friends and significant others. It’s ruled by Libra

Eighth house- this is typically the worst house to get in a chart- it’s the house of birth, death, closet skeletons, sex and all things taboo and mysterious. It’s ruled by Scorpio

Ninth house- This is the house of travel. It rules over higher education, higher learning, long distance travelling as well as deeper thinking. It’s ruled by Sagittarius.

Tenth house- This is the most prominent house. It rules over the highest achievements and successes. It’s the house of tradition, material wealth building, promotions and the corporate ladder. It’s ruled by Capricorn.

Eleventh house- This is the house of friendship, partnership, teams and other social relationships. It’s networking as well as social networks. It’s ruled by Aquarius.

Twelfth house- This is the house of finality. It’s old age, past lives, life after death and retirement. It’s the end of cycles and ruled by Pisces.


Many times, when you do a chart, the house and sign will correspond but that’s not always the case.



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