Dream Theme: Water

Water almost always expresses some form of emotion. If you’re seeing quiet and peaceful water, you’re feeling calm and soothing emotions. If you’re seeing rapid and wild water it can show that you’re in an emotional upheaval.Negative dreams dealing with water typically show negative emotions while positive tend to show positive emotions. There are also occasions where you’ll see running water (waterfall, trickling water from a sink, etc and you’ll wake up and find that you either need to pee or you peed the bed- it can show a need to go to the bathroom as well)

Water can also assist you on your spiritual journey. Water can symbolize your intuition as well as your spirituality.

When you’re dreaming about rapids, you’ll find that in your waking life you’re feeling a rapid emotional release. You have a lot of strong emotions and may be even feeling a lot of stress. If you’re dreaming about rapids but they suddenly stop and turn peaceful, you’re dealing with the end of a stressful situation. You may have had your release and now you’re on the road to healing emotionally.

It may also be showing you that the road you’re traveling means that you’re approaching danger. You may be either about to hit a rocky patch in your life journey or you’re feeling like you have a turbulent relationship with your spirituality.

If you’re dreaming about floating down a peaceful river, you’re feeling calm. You’re not in an emotional state at the moment and you’re not dealing with any big stressors- if you are, you’re able to handle the stress without it interfering with your life.

Peaceful dreams about water can also show that you’re properly following your intuition and that you’re heading down the correct path. You may find that you’re

If you’re dreaming about drowning, you’re feeling emotionally down. You feel overwhelmed and like you’re going under. You are dealing with an incredibly stressful situation that is making you feel like you’re unable to get through it or you’re in emotional distress and can’t see a way to control those emotions.

A dam represents emotional blocks. A dam blocks water from flowing in real life and sometimes you can’t properly express your own emotions. When you’re afraid of showing your emotions, you can become blocked.


If you’re swimming in your dream and going with the water, you’re going with your own feelings and intuition. You’re “going with the flow” in life and getting by just fine.

If you’re swimming against a strong currant, you’re feeling like things are going against you. You are having a hard time and going against what you either need to be doing or going against what everyone else says you need to do.


Water torture symbolizes that you’re so against where you’re supposed to be it’s painful. You may be dangerously ignoring your intuition or you may be doing what other people feel you need to be as opposed to what you’re wanting to be doing. You may feel like you’re suppressing part of your true self that is almost painful.

Drinking water shows that you’re taking part of a vital part of your self. You need water to survive and drinking water has many benefits. When you’re drinking water, you’re taking care of yourself in some vital way. It can also symbolize that you’re nourishing your spiritual side or you’re properly taking care of yourself emotionally.

Being sprayed with a water hose or having water dumped on you shows you in a vulnerable state. When you’re wet, your clothing gets wet and can show more of your body (clings to you) so in some cases you may even feel exposed- when you feel exposed, you’re feeling like you’re being exposed. If you’re the one spraying someone else, you’re exposing them. They have done something or they may not be how they are portraying themselves and you’re exposing them for how they truly are.

Rain shows emotions, storms show strong emotions and severe storms show strong emotions you’re having trouble controlling. Hurricanes show extreme emotions that are extremely hard to control.

Oceans are vast, deep and much is still unknown- they represent mysteries that have yet to be explored. They show the nature of your spirituality. If you’re lost at sea, you feel like you’re lost in your spiritual life. If you’re floating aimlessly; you’re aimless in your waking life and you don’t have a direct goal.

If you’re being rescued, you’re finding a way to discover your own nature and starting to listen to your intuition.

Waterfalls show strong emotions being contained. They aren’t out of control and are likely in a position where they can be kept in control. Your emotions are flowing in a more healthy way that is more in your control.


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