Dream Theme of the Week: Cats

To see a cat in a dream shows your independent nature, feminine side and creativity. It could show someone who is plotting to stab you in the back or either good or bad luck- depending on the context and the superstition in your area. Cats are independent by nature, they are also fickle and they are loving- but on their own terms. When you see cats,  you are exploring your independence or you’re making a decision you need to be picky over.

If you lose your cat, you’re needing to be more independent.

If you’re being scratched, you’re feeling threatened.

To hear a cat shows that there may be danger or you’re feeling anxious or scared.

To see a cat without a tail, you’re feeling like you’re losing your ability to be yourself.

If a cat is friendly in the dream, you need to play. You are feeling more playful with fewer serious inhibitions.

If you see a tiger, it shows power and how assertive or aggressive you are. It could also show that you’re needing to assert more control or leadership.

If you’re attacked, it’s showing frightening feelings or emotions you’re repressing

If the tiger is caged, it’s showing those repressed feelings are threatening to surface.

To see a panther shows that you’re in danger in your waking life. There are people who are working to stab you in the back. It can also show beauty and power if it’s in a positive


To see a mountain lion it shows aggression and those raw emotional impulses. You may be in danger of acting out on an emotional impulse.

To see a lion in your dream shows your strength- either physical or emotional. It could be a need to control a situation with another person. If the lion is black, it’s showing negative power- you’re misusing the power you do have. If the lion is white, you’re finding your power in a situation or you’re using the power you have for good.


If you have become a “cat lady” in a dream (or you’re seeing a “cat lady”) you’re feeling more independent. You’re showing the nurturing side of your personality in a safer manner. Cats need cared for and kept safe but they are more independent than dogs or kids.

They are ideal pets for people who aren’t always home. Cats need attention but not too much. They show the need for people to be independent while also needing some attention. A cat lady isn’t a bad thing, but there is a strong stereotype.

If you’re a cat lady, it could show that you’re scared about being alone. You’re afraid that you will end up becoming one. It could also show that you’re not ready or wanting the responsibility of having a family or spouse. You are embracing the freedom that comes with that type of a lifestyle. It all depends on the context of the dream.

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