I’m beyond fed up with Android and I know Apple is just as bad

I have been an Android person for nearly a decade. I used Samsung phones before I switched to smartphones.
My screen was shattered and it became unusable so I sent in for a replacement. Within TWO WEEKS of getting the new S8+ my screen was shattered again.
My husband’s phone is currently unusable so instead of me paying nearly 300 extra to get another new phone and him paying nearly 200 for a new phone, we’re paying off our phones and leaving AT&T (have been beyond fed up with their prices/data plan limit/service/deadzones for a while now)
It got me thinking- I use messenger and the starbucks app.
I don’t use the WordPress app much because I prefer typing on a computer keyboard. The Sell on Etsy app no longer gives the beautiful Cha-Ching and I always do orders on the computer anyways.
Any phone has a camera and all phones allow texting. Aside from 1 or 2 apps, most of my smart phone use now is nothing but mindless scrolling through Instagram and Twitter and with the number of fake accounts on Insta, I’m pretty much fed up with Instagram anyways.
I have been reading about smartphone addiction and how bad smartphone use is, plus if we switch and move to normal phones, it will save us money.
We may be able to cut our 200 a month bill to less than 100 and that savings will be as worth it as switching from cable to Netflix (but we don’t do Netflix much anyways)
He uses his smartphone less than I do.
I’m just now sick, beyond sick, of paying nearly 1000 for a phone that shatters within the first freaking month of opening it.
I remember those flip phones, they are beasts- you could slam one on the ground and it won’t break. Kids aren’t interested in flip phones and you can do important stuff on a much cheaper data plan.
It almost feels like I’d need a plan, and knowing me and my husband we could very well end up with smartphones again but right now I’m more interested in something cheaper with better service that won’t break. I’m also sick of mindlessly procrastinating by flipping through apps that mean nothing for hours on end- then looking at the time and realizing I wasted hours. Not to mention all the worthless app that do nothing, it feels like life without a smartphone now would be more productive.

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