I’m thinking about New Years already. I’m not one to really make resolutions, but I do start things on the first of the month to easily track things.

Years ago, I did a tarot reading for myself for my year and the reading told me what month I was going to meet my husband, the month we got married and when my daughter was conceived. Since then, I do a yearly reading for myself and now I offer it in person or online.

I also offer it here.

I have some plans for the website, an ebook I’m hoping to publish and some major plans for Bethcessories. (originally here)

This week, I’m barely able to think- my work has me out daily until Christmas Eve, so I got the Christmas cookies baked today and I’m going to go ahead and say

Merry Christmas!!

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    • I prefer goals. I do resolutions nearly every year just for fun and habit. I have kept most of the ones I have made (last I really made was to stay clean)
      I think I did give up smoking for about 3-4 months once off a resolution, then got arrogant thinking I could smoke “just one” and it lead to a pack a day.
      I’m thinking making them again but not “as of January 1 I will…” but “in 2019, I will take the steps to…”
      Maybe it will work that way. lol

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