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Starting January, I’m going to start a new once a month newsletter

It’s going to be the next month in Astrology and Numerology along with divination topics every month.
I’ll start offering the sign ups in the next week or two.


This past week has been crazy

Since leaving my job, I have been working on my Nano project- which turned into a short story I will be putting out somehow when I get it finished and a novel I am wanting to self publish when I get it finished. I have decided that, instead of trying the traditional route, I’m going to go ahead and self publish. I’m still looking into the different platforms but I still have time.

On top of that, I’m trying to prepare Bethcessories for the holidays- including my first print advertisement for local business. My word count for Nano is suffering, but my businesses are picking up right now. I guess you always have to sacrifice one thing for another. In the very near future, I’m going to be working more on my DIYmommy page, I’m trying to come up with a good domain for it since DIY mommy is taken. I want this to be different from this website but I’m not sure what to name it.


This coming June I’m taking my first ever paid vacation from work

Since I’ll have a full week off, I have decided that the month of June I am going to try to do one post a day and come up with either 1 post or one article to submit to a magazine or blog every day through June.

Coming up with ideas shouldn’t be too difficult.

I have 11 more days in this month and I’ll be brainstorming topics (privately) and I’ll try to come up with 30 varied posts.


Dream Meanings Part 3- Kissing and Sex

I have had people ask me questions about dreams that really bothered them in the past. In the dream, they were kissing a member of the same sex whom they admired and at times it had them questioning their sexuality.

Dreams about kissing (or sex) typically do not mean you’re actually attracted to the person you’re kissing in a sexual way. There are several ways they can be interpreted and those are primarily based on the person and their relationship to you.


Kissing a member of the same sex whom you are close to in real life typically shows a part of them you are wanting to take on yourself. Either you admire an aspect of their personality or physical appearance and wish to take that trait on yourself. That trait is usually a major topic in the dream itself.

Kissing a member of the same sex whom you do not know in waking life typically is similar but it can also show a part of you that you are just now accepting. That trait or aspect to your being will be the main focus of your relationship to the woman/man in the dream.

Kissing a member of the opposite sex when you’re in a relationship (hetero standpoint)- This usually shows some trait in a person you wish your significant other would show. It could be as simple as you wanting him to shave a mustache or beard or wanting her to grow her hair longer, or it could be a personality trait. Once again, it’s based on what the main focus of the dream is- the first thing that attracts you to the person you’re kissing.

Kissing a member of the opposite sex when you’re single- this usually is showing you what you want in a partner.



Sex is usually considered a taboo topic in dreams. It can mean that you have gone too long and are needing the release, but sex in dreams usually means acceptance, passion, (even anger). It is a strong topic, strong feeling and usually is also signaling a release of some kind.

If you are having sex with a member of the same sex, it is showing you’re in full acceptance of your self- whatever trait shows strongest in the dream is the trait you hold that you are finally accepting. It’s very similar to kissing.

A popular subject is having sex with someone you absolutely dislike (or even hate) in waking life- in this case, it’s a release of anger towards the person and the passionate (negative) strong emotions you feel about the person. Sexual dreams are a release- they are releasing fear, anxiety, anger, hostility or other negatives- this is not saying you’re going to wake up and feel great about the person, just that you’re one step closer to healing.

Dreaming about having sex with an ex is another common dream that makes people second guess feelings for the person. In some cases, it can be memories or it could mean you’re still heavily attracted to the person but most of the time it’s releasing negative emotions surrounding the break up and releasing the attachment you have towards the person. It can show

*Even though this is written from a hetero perspective, it can also be true if you’re lesbian or gay- the same sex meanings will hold true since most of the time it’s like looking into the mirror of your true self*


Dream Meanings- Part 2

This is going to be the second part of my series on dream meanings. As of right now, there is no actual time line of when new dream posts will be coming out and there is no set number.

My first post was written a little while ago and was an introduction to my studies. This episode will be discussing recurrent dreams.

This won’t be a long post, recurrent dreams have one main point- they are your subconscious trying to convey a message to you. They are the dreams you may be haunted with for years- or even decades but once you find the true meaning of the dream, it will usually go away.

I’m actually trying to find a way to go into more detail about this but recurrent dreams are simple- ignore and they will keep coming back but if you decide to find the meaning, it’s normally the only way to get them to go away.

They are either trying to tell you something or teach you something- either way, if it’s been recurring, you need to listen.


Meaning of Dreams- Part 1

Since I have been studying dreams, dreaming and dream interpretation for over 20 years I have a broad knowledge. I am working on coming up with a dream interpretation workbook and dream analysis journal. I also interpret dreams on Etsy and I’m hoping in the next year or two I’ll be ready to move to a private website (dream interpretation and tarot)

One thing I stress to people when I’m talking to them about dreams is that all symbols may mean different thigns to different people. Three may represent a family unit or a “love triangle” but it could also have a deeply personal meaning- depending on the the dreamer. The entire dream needs to be looked at and analyzed in order to gain a full understanding of the meaning but one thing is certain- if you remember a dream, it has some kind of meaning. There is no real supernatural aspect- dreams are normally our subconscious working on trying to figure something out, work through a problem or even letting us know there is something very wrong (either with a situation or health).

Lucid dreaming is a strange dreaming method that can help when you learn how to do it.

Once you master lucid dreaming, you can test out different scenarios to see different possible outcomes. Lucid dreaming is where your conscious wakes up in the middle of the dream- you’re aware you’re dreaming and have actual control over what you do but you’re still asleep. It has taken me years, but I have learned- I can’t always but there have been a few times I have been able to figure things out by lucid dreaming and it has helped me get through tough decisions.

There are tons of resources out there- all giving similar but different interpretations- there seem to be as many interpretations as there are interpreters- but no one person is 100% correct. Those of us whom have studied for years are able to guide you through the interpretation and we can help you see the truth in the dream, but the best person to interpret your dream is you. Over time, I have developed a template dream analysis- the same I use to interpret other peoples’ dreams. I am currently working on a dream dictionary I hope to publish and a dream journal to help people discover how they can read into their dreams.

However, when you do work on interpreting dreams, sometimes the subject can be too close. That’s why there are guides, interpreters and the resources to help. If something is too close to you, you will not be able to see clear. Your own hopes, doubts and fears can get in the way of the meaning. That’s why everyone who tries to figure out the meanings to their dreams ends up having to find some resource- if it’s a book, blog, interpreter or anything else.

In this series, I’ll be talking about the uses dreams have, different subjects (by category), popular dream themes and any other subjects that come across my mind.

I’ll also answer any questions anyone has about dreaming. I have been studying for 22 years now, interpret on Etsy for profit and have been interpreting my own (and friends’) dreams for decades.


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New Home Decoration Line Coming out

Right now, my focus is on holiday and daily themed decorative pillows but I’m working on adding. One of these days I’m planning on it being a full decor line complete with blankets, quilts, washcloths, towels, curtains, signs and in the very distant future- wooden furniture. Right now, it’s decorative pillows and candles. I started toying with this a few years ago with hats (still sell), earrings (discontinued), scarves (have a few left for sale but discontinued- will take one order a year due to the amount of time they take to make)



I also have a tarot/dream interretation shop that has my candles and most of my current holiday decorative pillows- but the pillows will be removed from this shop and put back in the old shop when they expire.

This is my main (oldest) shop






I never chose my spiritual path, it chose me.

This is going to be slightly different from the posts I have made in the past.

This is about how I found my spiritual path.

From as far back as i can remember, I have had some beliefs set in stone- karma/Dharma and reincarnation being two of the main.

I was raised in the church, in a strict Christian home. No other religions were mentioned and I just held the belief that all people walked the same path. I went to church 3 times a week, played basketball at night after class and followed along. When I outgrew Bible class and started sitting through the sermons, I would read chapters of the Bibles lying around. I tried asking questions about things I had trouble believing with blind faith and was labeled a trouble maker.

I attended 3 different church camps over the summer and almost always ended up befriending the “troubled” more misfit types. Some of my friends were lesbians, some were sexually active, some were atheist and some practiced witchcraft.

I almost got kicked out of the main camp a few times and only went to see my friends I only got to see that one week.

I wasn’t a “bad” kid in the least, I stayed out of trouble and didn’t get into anything like drugs, smoking (until I was 18 and I still regret it) and graduated high school having never even dated anyone. I just questioned everything. I questioned the concept of the Christian God. I questioned what I read in the Bible, how there was only one true religion when all world religions seemed to have deities for the same symbols. I questioned everything but no one would talk to me. I eventually quit.

When I was in middle school, I got into a religious conversation with a classmate who told me he was an atheist. I asked what that was and when he told me he didn’t believe, it made a few prices come together- not every one followed that same path and that may have been why I felt so wrong. I tried to look into it but was stopped since other religions were not allowed to be discussed outside of “it’s wrong” and started reading books in the library at school. In 9th grade, I moved to a very religious area and tried coming out as an atheist. At that time, I was into alternate spirituality and starting to be more into seances and similar. I had previously owned an Ouija board but my mom threw it out because I played with it more than other stuff. I started drawing them and folding paper into triangles to use as a planchette. I used to use it daily, then I’d toss it out and doodle more. I also started trying to contact spirits and studied being a medium. I actually started with an interest in spiritual communications, as I call it, at the age of 7. My friend and I went into an attic and I held my first seance. It was a success and freaked us out. I had to put off studying due to my upbringing but I did try from time to time over the course of my childhood.

While a lot of kids played games like “house? with their friends, I was taking my friends on ghost hunts. While a lot of teenagers were reading magazines, I was secretly in the library reading all the occult, spirituality and haunting books I could get my hands on.

After graduation, when I went to college, I started openly searching. I studied but at that time was out as an agnostic. I looked at Hinduism, but having to believe in deities didn’t sit with me. I still firmly believe all religions are equally valid, but the gods are nothing more than symbols. I do believe in the soul, spirits, demonic type and angelic type beings and the ability to communicate.

Of course, when you’re open about believing in those things but not going to church every Sunday, you get labeled with just about every term people can think of- from crazy to demonic to possessed to satanic (hard to worship a deity you don’t believe in)

In college, I started hanging out with some Pagans and started taking an interest, pair that with the ability to actually study the stuff and I was finally able to start seeking my path.

During college, I met a man I used to go to school with and we reconnected. It was a horrific relationship, but in that time I was gifted my first set of Tarot cards, taught about paranormal investigations, I started practicing different forms of scrying and practicing the craft. In that time, I also took an at home Astrology and Divination course. I was introduced to more of the Pagan community and several websites including Witchvox. I was also introduced to the local craft shop and fell in love with the atmosphere. The community seemed so much more welcoming and it felt like I had found people who thought like me and were accepting.

That was 10 years ago, since then we have broke up (luckily) but I have carried on practicing and trying to learn. I may not practice as much and as often as I’d like but I still read tarot (but a deck that chose me- the original deck I was gifted had nothign but negative energy and gave horrible readings- then one day just randomly disappeared and I didn’t try too hard to find it.

I had had a series of dreams that my first born would be a daughter (it was) and she always was named after the moon goddess. When I met my husband and we got pregnant, our first was a little girl, so like the dreams I named her after the goddess.

She was born on the last night of the full moon, 3 months early. She was born extremely prematurely and was extremely sick. Despite her rough start, she is a strong little six year old now and due to the situation, I have come to call on the moon goddess.


I’ll be posting more on spirituality as well in later posts. This is just how I came to discover the path I should be walking down. (I’m still searching, learning and changing but I think we all continously evolve over our lives, especially with how we practice. )