Pigeons Playing Football

When I was 21, I rode public transit. While going home from the mall one afternoon I stopped at Dairy Queen and was finishing my ice cream cone at the bus stop. I was watching the birds peck around for food and tossed the bottom of my ice cream cone to them.

One bird swooped in and tried to grab it, it was quickly taken by another and another came along. One bird would take the cone in it’s mouth, then another would pull it away.

I ended up attracting at least eight pigeons who started grabbing the cone and running until another bird would steal the cone and run the other way. It almost seemed like they were playing a game of a mix of basketball and football.

I sat for ten minutes watching the football game and rooting for one set of pigeons.

The game was brought to an abrupt stop when a tiny sparrow swooped in, grabbed the cone and flew off.

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