Dream Theme of the Week: Babies

Picture shows a baby sitting on a green chair

Have you recently had a dream about a baby? Maybe you had a dream dealing with pregnancy, babies or birth and you cannot forget about the dream.
If you find that you’re dreaming about babies, it likely doesn’t mean you have baby fever or want a new baby- babies in dreams can symbolize much more than the actual maternal/paternal desire to have kids. Babies in dreams show the ultimate in innocence and helplessness. Babies depend on us for everything and without an adult, they will die. Babies also represent the purest of human nature.

If you’re holding a happily cooing baby, you’re nurturing your own inner child. You’re giving your own inner self what you need and you’re caring about yourself.

On the flip side, if you’re holding a crying and screaming baby there is something internally that you’re neglecting that is in desperate need of attention.

Finding a baby and taking care of it shows that you’re choosing actively to take care of a part of your own inner nature or you’re accepting the potential for growth in an aspect of your own self.

Abandoning or neglecting a baby shows a part of your internal self you’re neglecting- maybe you’re acting too serious and you need to take a break and allow your inner child to come out for a while.

If you hear a baby crying but don’t see the baby, it’s a part of you that is either trapped in dependency in someone else or an aspect of yourself that you’re neglecting.

To see a baby eating from a bottle, you’re either dependent or acting immature. To drink from a baby bottle yourself shows that you’re depending on others too much or you’re needing to start acting more mature.

Attending your own baby shower shows acceptance of your own choices and choosing to nurture an aspect of yourself- same with adopting or taking on responsibility for a baby that is not your own.

If you are a baby it’s showing that you’re acting immaturely.

When you’re feeding a baby it shows a nurturing nature or something you’re doing to nurture something. If you’re being fed, it shows that either you need to eat less or you’re being force fed something you’re already familiar with.

Dreaming that you have an abortion shows that you are blocking some aspect of your personal growth. You may feel scared or nervous about starting a new page, so you want to kill that part of your future before it has a chance to come to fruition. If you have a back alley abortion, you’re willing to do anything to keep your life from changing. Even if it could backfire and harm you personally.

Dreaming about losing a baby can mean you’re losing a part of yourself. You may have a dream that you want to achieve but you’re seeing it slip away. It could also show that you are losing a little part of your own self- maybe you had a major life change and you’re noticing that you don’t feel the same as you did (IE losing yourself as a new parent or new husband/wife)

Pregnancy typically shows new beginnings of some kind. You’re seeing something start to take effect and you’re seeing something in your waking life grow- could be a relationship, career, job, life path, hobby or business venture- either way you’re seeing that it is starting to grow and if it’s properly nurtured, it has unlimited potential.

Miscarriages show the loss of those hopes, dreams or new ventures you’re wanting to try to start. If you have a business you’re wanting to start and it fails immediately, you may dream about a miscarriage.

There are many potential meanings associated with dreams about babies, like with all dreams, the details hold the key to discovery. This is the first part of a dream interpretation dream theme of the week series, topics will be added every week. If you’re interested in a guide to what different symbols mean, check out my dream journal or my dream dictionary.

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