Disclaimer since I occasionally post affiliate links

I dislike ads. I don’t like viewing ads that appear spammy or scammy.

I just hopefully was taken off the adwords campaign because I didn’t like the number of ads nor the topics of the ads that would appear, they seemed click-baity and scam-like.

I also am not a huge fan of posting the disclaimer when I post reviews and add in Amazon affiliate links. It looks like the I am making false reviews but I hand select the products and usually decide to add them in on a whim (like the sleep book post, reading the book gave me the idea then I decided a few minutes before finishing it to post the link)

I promise that on any of the sites I am working on, all products that are linked to affiliate links are actual products I have read, used or have some form of experience with. I don’t sit down to write affiliate posts, I write out a post and decide on a whim if I want to add the link.

Not all links will be affiliate either- I do promise to always disclose but I do want to make it clear that all affiliate links are to legitimate sources and they are all products I would give a full 5 star rating to and recommend to people.

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