I have decided that on January 1st

I’m finally going to commit to the 30-60 day Whole30 diet.

As of right now, even sticking with strict gluten free, I’m right back to feeling sick all the time. I’m not sure if it’s dairy or if there is something else I’m now sensitive to but the Whole30 is the best way to find out from what I can see.

I have failed multiple times, but I’m sure I should be able to commit to 1 simple month of whole foods. I have checked out so many recipes, it will just involve making my own birthday cake since my birthday is in January.


I just signed up for a holiday HIIT 3 days a week program. HIIT workouts have always been my favorites and with some really busy weeks, the 15-17 minute workouts should be feasible. My two year old has enjoyed joining me doing the Stronger workouts (livestrong website) and she’ll love joining these as well. I’m not trying to set any kind of New Years Resolutions, those are never kept, I just prefer starting things on the first of the month- it’s easier to track progress.

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  1. I’ve never tried whole30 before but actually made a tomato bisque soup with turkey meatballs (which was a whole30) meal and it was delicious! My husband and toddler even liked it! Usually I’ll make garlic bread with tomato soup but I’m trying to be healthier around the holidays and I feel so much better than I would’ve felt if I’d eaten the bread. Go for it girl!

    • Look into moms into fitness. Shes doing 2 free weeks of her holiday HIIT program and pretty cheap weekly/monthly after that. I’m going to start the first either tomorrow morning or tonight after the kids are in bed. I personally love HIIT workouts, they’re so much fun.

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