I tried Hello Fresh

So, I heard quite a bit about the company and read several paid reviews. I also read it’s overrated but I got ahold of a 25.00 off 2 week so I decided to give it a try.

My first issue was that nothing specifically stated “gluten or dairy” either free or in the ingredients, so I had to guess.

My second issue was that I couldn’t find much without actually setting up an account and ended up paying before I saw much of what was offered.

I selected 2 meals a week for a family of four. It came out to 37 for the week with the coupon.

Aside from those issues, I selected the Spanish chicken.

The recipe was fast, easy to follow and came well packaged in a ice packed box.

It was a bit spicy for my kids, and I left several ingredients out. I also didnt use most of the garlic (my husband cant take garlic) but outside of that, I really liked it and my kids seemed to like it.

My husband hasnt ate it yet.

I’ll be fixing the cranberry pork chops tomorrow and I’ll see how they like them.

But for the price, it’s pretty good. For the non-sale price, I dont think 2 meals a week are worth it honestly.

*note- this is NOT paid, this is simply me trying and posting about the meal delivery company*

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