Halloween and Fall Decoration Ideas

With the Fall Equinox coming in 2 days, and around here we are getting ready to experience some cooler weather, the thoughts of fall and everything related are filling peoples’ heads. There are pumpkin spice everything put out (and being bought), pumpkins selling fast and ideas for all types of DIY decorations in magazines. (I’ll be posting some pig pumpkins once we finish decorating them today I got from Country Living Magazine later)

I am a decoration fanatic. I only have a tiny bit of yard to use, but I make sure it’s decked out year round.

41992169_336285123792278_3721611096381980672_oThis is currently the beginning of decorating my garden, I had no idea how big the Gecko blow up would be when I bought it and I’m currently searching for the perfect location. I’m planning a few DIY decorations but sadly, my pumpkins will have to stay inside. We bought a total of 7 small and 1 big but the paint we used washes off too easily with water (although, that was good for me yesterday)

42135621_336544230433034_2756593049470500864_o.jpgIt took me about 1-2 hours to clean it all up, but we still have a few patches of yellow paint my shampooer didn’t get on the carpet. I also got a nice, big hug while she was covered in it so I ended up with paint all over my pants.


One DIY my kids have LOVED over the years are hanging ghosts. I made a small family years ago and my seven year old grew so attached to hers (she named him “Boo,” that she slept with him for over a year. These ghosts are super simple and super cute. You can get kits here with all supplies and instructions and there’s even bulk options for groups.


Another cute idea is to buy several pumpkins and paint them up like animals, I am in the middle of making those. I got the idea from Country Living Magazine

These pumpkins will be finished today, I did buy the wrong paint (the paint is coming off too easily and is water soluable. It was good for cleaning up the kitchen and my two year old BUT bad for outdoor decorations. We will have to find places inside for all 8 pumpkins. These are not finished yet but this is what we have so far. The three fully pink are going to be pigs (like the introduction picture in Country Living’s article^)



Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite fall scents over the course of the entire holiday season. There are classic fall scents,  you can even find leaf scented candles and there are tons of other fun, fall and Halloween related scents, like these Pumpkin Spice melts pictured.

20180913_085232587203506696025851.jpgAnother idea along the DIY route is to go to the store and buy a wreath base with some flowers, leaves and ribbon (and anything else you want to use) You can even go out in nature and have your kids pick up sticks and acorns. (if you’re really crafty, make your own wreath base but I’m not that crafty lol)

This is the wreath my kids and I made. I’m still thinking about adding to it, but I’m not 100% if I will or what to add.

20180904_1520389069768312919863801.jpgDecorative pillows are always a fun way to add some fun into a living room or bedroom as well. My kids are pillow fanatics so we are always tripping over one or two

You can get these here, and here


20180913_0906071641335795828449305.jpg19250582_142716789815780_8861833127993851175_oThere are also party favors or small decorations

Take an egg carton, paint it black, add black pipe cleaners and paint on eyes- and you have a cute little spider infestation, ala Pinterest

Take small chap sticks or lip glosses, wrap them with white tissue paper or fabric and tie them off. Draw on eyes and a mouth and you have party favor ghosts for Halloween parties.

Take pencils, wrap small peices of burlap around the eraser, tied off and pull out like broom bristles and you have little witch’s brooms.

Those ideas also came from Country Living, same edition as the pumpkins.


Some other party favors for kid’s parties- sucker ghosts. Take suckers, wrap white tissue paper around and tie off with a rubber band and there are so many other ideas on sites like Pinterest.

I’ll be posting more of the crafts my girls and I are working on over the month and I’ll be posting recipes for Halloween treats and desserts- always gluten and dairy free.

I’ll be doing the same for Christmas.

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