“Mommy likes coffee”

“Mommy likes coffee, Michelle likes coffee”

“You sneezed, mommy”

“I didn’t sneeze, mommy”


I love watching and listening to my daughter. She amazes me daily with some of the things she says. Our seven year old is growing her vocabulary as well- she’s starting to speak in small sentences and says anything. Learning (teaching herself) how to read has been a huge plus- now she reads and she’s getting faster and faster.

The two year old also has a great imagination- which is growing the seven year old’s as well. They play pretend and Diana takes on the characters Michelle gives her. lol

They’re always Annie and Quincy from Baby Einsteins.

My two year old also says some of the funniest things and (bad thing) seems to know no stranger. We’re working on that one..

What are some of your kids’ most used or funniest phrases? My daughter will announce to people that mommy likes coffee (guess that’s my fault for drinking it all the time)

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    • For some reason, I blanked with all the other funny stuff she says.
      Today, when I was getting ready to head to work she told me “Don’t go to work mommy, stay here in Michelle’s house”
      It was so cute the way she said it, but since we both started working I never get to see her. I’m only part time, but it feels like I’m always gone.
      Luckily, I work tomorrow then have 3 days off together- it will feel like a mini vacation.

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