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Day Four of the Self Care Challenge

I didn’t post about the one yesterday because it was to “unplug”

Of course, as a writer, I can’t fully unplug for a full day but I did for a little bit. My three year old led me on an adventure- across some rocks (pillows) and up and down a mountain (the stairs). It was a fun adventure.


Today’s challenge is to write out what you feel. In a way, I did that with my last post about the quarter life “crisis” I have been going through for several years now. Anything else I write out will be on paper and totally private.

This challenge is going smoother than the other challenges I have attempted to complete in the past. They’re quick, easy and I can easily fit them into my day to day life.

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Day 3 of the self care challenge- listen to your favorite podcast

I don’t really have a favorite, so I looked around and ended up connecting to iHeartradio to listen to one. I picked one on Pinterest marketing for blogs and small businesses.

Not necessarily my favorite, but I’m getting decent with using Twitter and Twitter and Pinterest were my two goals for this year.

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Day 2 of the Self Care Challenge

The second day involves walking (take a walk)

I’ll be having to walk around in my house due to not having a place at the moment to walk.

Day 1 (yesterday) was take time to read a bit and I selected an old favorite- The Looking Glass Wars.

Ever since reading about Alyss Heart in this series, I’ve become a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan (the live action movies helped quite a bit)

I’ve read this one book like 2-3 times at least, but it never gets old and I’m wanting to start finding time to read more anyways.

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I’m doing a challenge this month

From a woman I met on Twitter, Thoughts with N from over on Blogspot.

She came up with the “Self Care Challenge” which includes different little things to do for yourself throughout the month.

Today’s is to read, which goes perfect with one personal goal I have to read a little bit more than I have been.


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I haven’t fully quit smoking yet but today I have only smoked 6 so far.

My quit date (for myself and not to deal with the smoking ban) is next month.

To take my mind off cigarettes, I

Swept upstairs and the stairs

Vacuumed and shampooed all carpet

Cleaned the litter box (due to allergies, I typically leave it to my husband)

Cleaned the stove and burners

Cleaned my coffee pot

Made roll dough for pepperoni rolls soon

Bought and planted a couple flowers with the kids

Made a much more detailed dinner than I usually do

Now, I’m resting and wiped out but it did keep cigarettes off my mind and I didnt even crave. All those chores are nothing, but I usually dont do that much in one day. I figure if I can cut back enough, I should have no issues going cold Turkey.

I am working on compiling a list of things to do instead-

Sew something

Loom knit something

A few minutes of meditation

Deep breathing

Play in the kitchen

Clean something

Organize something

Write a blog entry or work on one of my short stories

What else could I add?

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Day 7 of the Happiness 21 Day Challenge- Try Something Different

Today, I’ve been trying to sit back and really experience every meal and every peice of food I put in my mouth- it’s easier said than done. I guess I have a habit of eating quickly and with distractions (like computer or chasing kids around)

I made Calamari for dinner and really experienced the tentacles when I ate them… maybe wrong choice of foods when doing this.


Tomorrow’s challenge may be pretty hard since I’ll be at work all day.

Today, your task is to try something that you’ve never done before.

I’ll update if I can figure something out for that day.