I’ve been on a cleaning spree

I’m a horrible pack rat- one of my biggest fears is something pushing me over the edge and becoming a hoarder. I already have the “what if I need this one time in the future?” anxiety around getting rid of things.

I had the house to myself completely on the 4th, I also was off work. I spent 12 hours going through my craft room/home office, book closet, kitchen and living room. I took 5 trash bags and several smaller bags to the dumpster, emptied several boxes I was able to organize things and have my kids’ toy area and craft room almost totally organized- they can get to their toys and I can get to all my stuff.

I also cleaned out a bag from the bathroom and can see the kitchen counters.

It’s not finished, and still very much a work in progress but one day I am determined to have everything organized to the point of looking like a showroom.


This coming June I’m taking my first ever paid vacation from work

Since I’ll have a full week off, I have decided that the month of June I am going to try to do one post a day and come up with either 1 post or one article to submit to a magazine or blog every day through June.

Coming up with ideas shouldn’t be too difficult.

I have 11 more days in this month and I’ll be brainstorming topics (privately) and I’ll try to come up with 30 varied posts.


I finally have a date for my yardsale

With the date being less than a month away, I’m trying to clean out and gather everything we don’t use, our kids have outgrown or that aren’t useful to us.

Today, I went in my craft room after my husband did a preliminary clean out and had two bags- 1 for trash and one to sell. The sell bag has one or two items but I cleared out two bags of trash- now I’m basically seeing I’m disorganized, not piling up. I have a bunch of stuff I would actually use- IF I could find it when I had the time.

I also went through our book room. I still have the stuff off the shelves to go through, but I have 1 bag of torn up books, used colouring books and other trash and a full box of books to put in the sale. We also almost all got new shoes (my seven year old didn’t need nor want new shoes- the two year old needed them, so did me and my husband)


Now, I have a bunch of shoes to throw out, none to sell since they were all old and worn but a neatened up shoe storage rack.


The rest of my house will be gone through in the next few weeks.

I swear, I don’t know where to go next.