How I Use My Dreams to Solve my Problems

A couple years ago, I was drifting. I knew I didn’t want to continue working where I was working then and I knew I wanted more out of life. I couldn’t put my finger on it.
I aimlessly took courses and did research. I ended up with three half done Etsy shops, 2 websites that were quiet for a whole year and no idea what I wanted.
I didn’t know where to turn to determine it, so I looked within and started meditating, The meditations turned into dreams that I was able to call on and those dreams were able to give me a clear goal.
It didn’t happen over night, but I did learn to master dream manipulation.
Now, I’m back in college for something I’m truly interested in studying. I am working a job I’m much happier at and I know the steps I need to take in order to hit the goals for the side job I have been able to narrow down (at one point I was trying to dabble in about 4 or 5 different things, now I’m narrowed down and focusing on just 3)
What is dream manipulation?
It’s calling on dreams to work for you. Every night, your brain processes the information it takes in over the course of the day. Once you realize something conscientiously, your brain will send the message to you at night- through dreaming.
If you can harness that and use it to help you, you can figure out
The solution to a problem you’re having
The way to achieve a goal you have, if you’re unsure about the goals, they can help you with discovering those as well.
What steps you need to get from point A to point B
If you can master lucid dreaming, you can play out the results of following two or more paths in the safe confines of the dream.
What is lucid dreaming?
Lucid dreaming is where your brain wakes up in the middle of the dream. Lucid dreams are interactive dreams where you are able to actively and consciously control what you do in the dream.
It has taken me years to be able to fall into a lucid dream through bedtime meditation but it is possible for anyone to learn. This is why I push the importance of dreams. They are the literal window into your brain an your perfect life.
How Have I Learned How to Lucid Dream?
I started out with simple meditations before I went to bed. I would focus on the problem and focus on lucid dreaming while going to bed.
If you keep doing the meditations right before you go to bed, within a few weeks you should be starting to lucid dream. As you fall asleep, keep thinking about remembering your dream while you’re about to go to sleep. Before long, you will find that you can call on a lucid dream without issue.
This won’t start immediately. It will take some time.
I have developed a 6 week course to help people learn how to use their dreams to solve their problems or clarify their goals the same way I have over the years.

Have you ever had a dream you couldn’t stop thinking about?

Have you ever had a dream that you couldn’t stop thinking about? Do you ever wake up and wish you could write it down, go back to sleep and forget half the details?
Have you ever obsessed over what a dream could be telling you but you couldn’t quite figure it out, then you go to the websites and none of the meanings really seemed just quite right? You couldn’t figure out exactly what details you needed to look up and half the details you needed were missing?


I have been studying dream interpretation for over 20 years and I have had so many dreams that I couldn’t place at the time. They had details not listed on the major websites and I just couldn’t get things perfect, so I am in the middle of writing a dream guide. In the guide, I am going into detail how I personally interpret my, my friends and family and customers’ dreams. I have also already published the journal/workbook. There is space to record 35 dreams as well as guided topics with some common theme interpretations.

The workbook is only 10.00 and I can easily be reached on here in the contact area, or on my Etsy.

Dream journal 3


In this workbook, there is a brief introduction to dreams, basics of dream interpretation as well as the definitions of the most common themes.

There is space to record around 35 dreams.



There will be a book coming out before Christmas to go as an educational resource with the book to walk through the steps with an added dream dictionary.


Right now, these books are only 10.00, and if you buy through here or on Etsy, it’s free shipping. They can also be ordered on Lulu.com directly.





I haven’t been on here too much

My personal life has been extremely busy and stressful. I’ll hopfully be getting some exciting and good news soon and if it’s positive, I’ll mention it on here but right now I’m full of nervous energy.

I’m currently working on the actual book to go along with the workbook I just released.

I’ve also gone with some new ideas and decided on the full series I’ll be trying to write by the end of next year. There will be at least 3 books and 3 workbooks with potentially 3 more books and workbooks after. (but not by next year)

I’ve started a new page on Facebook dedicated to the series and education of dream interpretation, astrology (natal chart) and divination.

You can find it here.

Part of the page as well as the Twitter I’m about to start is promotion and updating about the books but mostly it’s sharing facts about the subjects listed above.

It is also going to be lining up with my new site, Astromommy, which is currently under construction.

I’m also working out some plans for DIYmommy and they will be posted when they’re finalized.

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Tarot Reading Giveaway

Right now, on the site or on my Etsy, I’m giving a free tarot reading for every book purchased.

I got my book in the mail today and I’ll be taking orders starting now.

Dream journal 3Dream journal 4

I will also be doing a giveaway and giving a copy of my journal away.



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My Dream Journal is Up For Sale

After talking about it and working on it for the past few months, my dream journal is up and ready.

In this, there is space to record your dreams along with descriptions of common themes. I’m already in the middle of working on a dictionary to go along with this and am hoping to release that out by the end of the year.

It’s 10.00 a copy, you can get it here.

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A Few Updates on Projects I’m working on

Astrology and Divination Newsletter

By the end of this weekend, I’m planning on having my first newsletter ready to send out.

This will be a once monthly letter, within the first week of the month. I refuse to spam but I will send out random updates occasionally but the updates will never be more than one to two extra a month.

Guided Dream Journal

I’m almost finished with my dream analysis journal. There will be a dictionary that will go with it, but that will be later this year.

When I get it published, I’ll be posting it on here. It will be 15 and will contain information as well as a journal to record your dreams.

Bethcessories Design

I’m putting the finishing touches to cleaning up the look of my shop, Bethcessories  It’s been up and running but I am going to be holding a special sale to celebrate the official grand opening when I have more stuff.

Bethcessories Design is my personal brand. I create every item myself. I also offer dream interpretations, tarot chats, tarot readings, rune/iching readings and Astrological charts, as well as spell SUPPLY kits.

I’m currently working on some Zodiac coloured decorations, and I’m hoping within the year to add curtains.

You can see my reviews here.


How I have been learning to lucid dream and control my dreams to help in my waking life

There is no way to fully control the content of your dreams but there are a few tips to manipulate dreams to come that you’ll remember.

If, let’s say, you are trying to make a decision to stick it out or leave a job or relationship but you’re stuck, the best way to fix it is to let your subconscious help you through it.

When you’re getting ready to go to sleep try to meditate and focus on the question you’re wanting answered. Sit or lie in bed for about 5 minutes and just picture your job or your significant other and try to imagine life without them/it. After you have it ingrained in your brain, go to sleep.

It usually is enough to trigger your subconscious into playing it out. Keep a pen and paper or journal by your bed.

As soon as you wake up- either in the middle of the night or the next morning, before doing anything else, write down every detail you remember from the dream. Let the notebook sit for a bit without reading it and come back a bit later (I’d suggest at least half through the day or wait a day or two.)

Try to think as objectively as you can (or have someone else read it as well) and keep in mind that major themes are usually symbolic and not to be taken at face value (sex doesn’t mean horny or attracted normally, death doesn’t mean you’re going to die and usually pregnancy doesn’t mean you’re pregnant)

Those are the (simple) tips that have helped me solve some major life decisions through manipulating my dreams (it also helps when it triggers lucid dreaming, where you consciously control what you do)

I’ll have another blog about lucid dreaming, though.

If anyone has ever found ways to manipulate their dreams, feel free to leave a comment and let me know worked for them.

If anyone has any questions, go ahead and ask in the comments as well.