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I’m tired of stuff

I have five hobbies I can think of off the top of my head.

I sew, do crafts with my kids, make candles, read, write and garden.(candles and crafts are pretty much one in the same)

I have a few things I’d love to pick up- kayaking and working out.

I belong to several decluttering groups on Facebook and use those groups for guidance as well as inspiration.

I watched Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix and grabbed her book on audible and listened to it. Before watching or reading (well, listening) I started to try to tackle my home.

Over the course of the years since I grew up, I have ended up with such a cluttered mess of a house. We have been pre-approved for a home loan so we just have to find the house and when we move, I do not want to take the clutter from one house to another.

Some of the clutter belongs to my kids (my husband just has tools he needs and a closet with stuff like fishing poles, camping supplies and hunting stuff- he’s not bad at all- I have a whole room that I can barely breathe in). Most of the clutter is mine.

For the past several years, the minimalist approach has really appealed but how can I part with my useless stuff that I don’t use? I’m working on getting rid of all the clothes I don’t wear, what sits in my drawers and is never picked. The uncomfortable pajamas (I have very specific types of fabric I am able to wear, anything else will make me lie awake for hours agitated until I change)

I already have pared down pretty much everything in my kitchen and clothing but when I look around my house, all six rooms and both walk in closets (storage closets that are the size of small rooms) are stuffed. I’m currently playing the game of “do I want to load you in a box and move you to another home?” game with all my stuff but it still feels like there is so much left.


Last night I finally tossed my favorite pair of jeans (holes that couldn’t be patched worn from me wearing them so much) and a favorite pair of pajama bottoms for a similar reason.

I also got most of my main clothing down to what will fit in one large tote. We threw away a storage container that was damaged and some other damaged items from the bathroom, so now I’m trying to pare down bathroom items because we don’t have enough space.

I’m constantly working to try to get as clutter free as I can, I’m also working on trying to use less plastic. I have to drink bottled water- I can’t stomach any water that was out of the tap- including filtered, I just can’t take the chemical after taste. Once I use up the very last bag of disposable razors I bought, I’m going to stop buying disposable and I’m looking around at either making or buying produce bags. I use shopping bags most of the time I grocery shop- with 2 kids, it’s easier to take 2 or 3 bags from the car to the house and I’m looking for reusable stainless steel straws, although I’m trying to quit drinking with straws altogether- they can cause wrinkles around the mouth.

Over the years, I’ve worked at trying to find time to make small changes to my lifestyle.

I ran across a minimalist challenge on another site and I would try to follow it for a month, but I’ve done half the things listed. I have studied minimalism up and down but letting go of the anxiety over things I don’t use but am afraid of getting rid of is the major challenge. I’m torn, part wants to hang on to everything and part wants to blindly throw everything out.




Another birthday, another day

I think when I get sick, everything I’m working on suffers.

I have lost track severely of the self care challenge due to taking a full break from everything.

Thanks to my husband getting worse, we found out it was the Parainfluenza Virus- so it wasn’t treatable by antibiotics. We kept our older daughter home from school the majority of a week and now the three of us (me, the three year old and the seven year old) are on the mend. My husband is feeling better as well. He ended up taking 3 days off work but has been back for several days now and I’m back to doing stuff.


I am officially 31 today, of course I don’t feel any different, just a bit more depressed about being that much closer to middle age and that much farther from my early 20s. Not sure if that will change, it maybe my OCD ruminating it in my mind over and over. I have the house to myself- so I guess Netflix and trying to straighten up the huge mess of toys here in the living room. We take them up to the girls’ bedrooms and they multiply as they come back. I look at pictures of peaceful and beautiful living rooms and it’s about the only time that makes me feel slightly jealous, I’m not a jealous person in the least, either.

I also have to watch out because I’ll start buying one item for storage and go overboard. I think random storage items are half my clutter. Funnily, I didn’t start decluttering after watching Marie Kondo- I started after hearing about her. I’ve been watching her show on Netflix and it’s helping a bit. I don’t thank my clothes but I can now fit them in my dresser. (ok, and my half of the closet… as long as some are in the dirty clothes basket… but I do wear everything now, for the most part.)

I go through my clothes on a regular basis so I only ended up with one bag to donate this time. The first time I really did, I ended up with three trash bags.

I fail to see how this is some kind of “middle class privilege” as I have read. If you live and have family, you can quickly build up things. I cleared 5 bags and 3 boxes out of my kitchen alone and need to finish the kids’ rooms. I got 2 bags of toys and 2 bags of clothing already.

We aren’t poor, but we’re not rich either. We just have ended up being given so much over the years, both of us came into the marriage with a bunch of stuff- stuff from when we went to college, stuff from my former apartment and a bunch of furniture and shelving that came with me from my mom and dad’s house. We use my old bed from when I was a teenager. We still use it (it’s pointless to buy a new bed, we had to break the box springs because of how narrow our stairs are so we are going to replace that when we move)

I’m currently working as much as I can on getting rid of as much clutter and trying to organize while I don’t have a day job, I could be unemployed for the rest of the month or could end up getting employed again next week. It all depends on what I can find. We’re in a kind of weird situation where I’m having to look for specific types of employment. Either way, this is my first birthday in years that I get to spend some time alone. The girls gave me my birthday gifts, my mom and dad came over with a flourless cake- it was a good, but rich, almond torte. Now, they are at grandma and grandpa’s house until tomorrow afternoon.

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I finally figured out the secret to a clean house

Lock the husband and kids out. Maybe all of us can go live somewhere else and just sleep on the beds.

I think that’s the only way I’ll keep my house clean for now…


I finally have a date for my yardsale

With the date being less than a month away, I’m trying to clean out and gather everything we don’t use, our kids have outgrown or that aren’t useful to us.

Today, I went in my craft room after my husband did a preliminary clean out and had two bags- 1 for trash and one to sell. The sell bag has one or two items but I cleared out two bags of trash- now I’m basically seeing I’m disorganized, not piling up. I have a bunch of stuff I would actually use- IF I could find it when I had the time.

I also went through our book room. I still have the stuff off the shelves to go through, but I have 1 bag of torn up books, used colouring books and other trash and a full box of books to put in the sale. We also almost all got new shoes (my seven year old didn’t need nor want new shoes- the two year old needed them, so did me and my husband)


Now, I have a bunch of shoes to throw out, none to sell since they were all old and worn but a neatened up shoe storage rack.


The rest of my house will be gone through in the next few weeks.

I swear, I don’t know where to go next.