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Book Review: Prescriptions from Dr Love

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Title: “Prescriptions From Dr. Love”
Written by: Dr. Suzy Al Mushca
Genre: Self Help

She asked me to think about why conventional medicine alone hadn’t found the answers to what truly plagued me and why the bags full of medicine hadn’t improved the condition in which my body was in. She smiled her knowing smile, eyebrows raised, the gentle but straightforward questions hanging in the balance as she waited for my response.”Ridden with medical complications that plagued her for almost all her life, Dr. Suzan Al Mushcab finally lay at death door, when what was supposed to be simple surgical procedure went horribly wrong. Though this is not a book about that event in her life, it is the backdrop to a miraculous recovery in health, mind and spirit for a doctor, by a doctor. The miracle wasn’t in conventional medicine, nor was it in alternative medicine completely. It was in conversations that Suzan had with her alter ego, Dr. Love.

Prescriptions from Dr. Love: 10 ways to transform Dis-ease to Ease takes us through the powerful conversations that Dr. Mushcab had with herself.

Using tools that she learned in both medicine, alternative therapies and self development, Dr. Love took herself from death door to a fulfilling, happy and healthy lifestyle in which she is now thriving. In Prescriptions from Dr.Love: 10 ways to transform dis-ease to ease, readers can learn

•Why their minds are powerful tool for healing themselves
•Why food is medicinal and not just nourishment
•Why conversations with yourself are important for leading yourself
•How to implement different strategies for self healing
•How to find the source of problems in your body and then work at healing from the inside out


Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab’s book, “Prescriptions From Dr Love,” offers a lot of helpful advice about using the power of your mind and thoughts to control the physical symptoms caused by guilt, anxiety and other negative emotions.

Al Mushcab details her “visits” dealing with a series of medical complaints she had for years and how, through changing the way she thought and felt about herself, she was able to solve the problems after traditional medicine failed to fix them. Her anxiety, fears and hidden insecurities caused migraines, constipation as well as other symptoms and one by one, the prescriptions given to her helped heal her mind and body.

She also goes in to how her on the go diet wasn’t as good as it could have been and how stressful her life was, but the main points in her book are about learning to love herself as well as raising her self esteem and learning to take care of herself.

She has a list of each of the “prescriptions” given to her by her alter-ego, “Dr. Love” with the process she put herself through to get those steps.

If you are plagued with digestive symptoms, headaches and other irritants (or even if they are disabling) and conventional medication isn’t helping, this book is worth reading. She goes into details as well as writes out the internal conflict as though she was actually speaking with someone else. It’s to the point and written easily enough for anyone to understand and the prescriptions give easy to follow advice.


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My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.

I was asked what I wanted.

All I could tell them was I wanted something I can play with, not a need and not clothing or something to use for my business. I want something just for me.

Now, I am at a total loss- no clue what I want.

My brain is going full speed but unless it’s like a book or something, I no longer can think of hobbies.

It’s kind of sad that at 31, I have no hobbies because I spend all my time working or writing and it’s making me realize how little I really have.

I work 24/7 unless I’m sleeping or running after my kids, I have lost damn near all my social skills and quit talking to my friends. My #1 identity is D####’s mommy” or “M#######’s mommy” and it feels like even with me taking time for myself and strongly believing in not losing yourself, I have lost myself.

Before kids, I was a gym rat. I had gym memberships and was actually taking a boxing class. Music was my life. I played basketball and walked all the time.

I’m still interested and keep promising myself I’ll start walking again but never get an opportunity.

Now that I’m out of the pregnancy and young baby stage, it is 100% time to get back to my center and find what works.

Its kind of funny when an innocent question like “what would you like for your birthday?” triggers such a mental storm, but it’s not a good thing when you’ve been lost for 8 years.


This month has definitely been crazy

I left my job of almost 3 years and went on to a lower hours/lower stress job.

I ended up starting the job earlier than I thought, and worked 7 days in a row, which wore me out that whole week (only 1 30 minute lunch break and standing in one spot on my feet for 8 hours a day, never knew that was so exhausting)

I am now to the slower schedule (1-2 days a week) and since I had the whole week without working, I looked at my NANO project. In the first 3 weeks of November, I managed to get a grand total of 10,500 words.

As of 1 PM today, November 30th, the final day of the challenge and after nights of going to bed around 1 am, I managed to squeak out 39k words, get 1 1/2 short stories finished and get a very large chunk of my main project.

I did the rebel thing, but one story pretty much ended the first day at less than 10k words, so I had to do something. Either way, between the two projects, it was my first time in 6 years that I won.

I’m making a personal challenge to myself to take all my unfinsihed rough drafts and finish them. Maybe not get them past the edit stage yet, but over the course of 2019, I’d like to see how many rough drafts I can complete. I have close to ten, if not more. I have 2 finished rough drafts and the rest are in varying stages. I just know I’ll never have the chance to publish if I don’t finish them.