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Book: Whisky and Ink

Author: D. Gabrielle Jensen
Genre: Fantasy

Convents, crossbows, and creeps–all in a day’s work when it comes to hunting damned souls. Quick-witted and always on the go, Fia Drake’s whole life has revolved around independence.

Now that independence is being threatened. First it was a fiery phoenix breaking through her window. Now, it’s a shimmering, winged being beckoning her back to the community she left in her teens. Worse yet, she is asked to become a mentor to a new generation of soul hunters.

If it were up to her, she would just skip town.

Unfortunately, two complications prevent her from leaving.

Complication #1

A message from the tarot reveals someone close is plotting against her, and the best way to uncover a traitor is to stand by their side.

Complication #2

The drummer in her bed isn’t going away. Max Hawkins, her unrelenting knight in scuffed sneakers, refuses to let her fight alone.

With a shot of liquid courage and a blessed tattoo, can Fia work out who’s hunting her–or will it all end in flames?

Where to get it: https://books2read.com/WhiskeyAndInk

Review: I personally loved it. I had trouble putting it down. I’m not going to give away details about the book, but I found myself rooting for the main character, Fia and her boyfriend, Max

I felt everything Fia felt and found myself really in the story. If you’re looking for an exciting book that you will get lost in, this is a great book.

Fia was a great woman who was easy to fall in love with and Max was her perfect partner.

If you’re looking for a book with romance and action that you won’t be able to put down, this book is a must.

About the author:

What began with a princess captured by a pirate and rescued by a dragon has developed into D. Gabrielle Jensen’s lifelong fascination with stories of the unexpected and unexplored. She has dabbled across many styles and genres, but whether through startling, staccato works of pulp horror or the dirt and grime of urban fantasy, she always finds her way back to speculative fiction.

An award-winning bestseller, D. is built from drumbeats and hot asphalt. Even as an imaginative child in the rural mountains of Colorado, she felt pulled to the chaos and clamor of The City—any city, every city. With this in mind, she aims to infuse her work with mortar and music. Her favorite views of any city are from the rooftops and the side streets. She strives to show the beauty of both in her stories, urging you to walk the streets with her as she introduces you not only to powerful heroines and antiheroines but to the buskers, bartenders, and baristas who make up the fabric of every city.

If writing be her first love, music is the trusted friend D. turns to when that love forgets her birthday. She can sing along with new songs before they’ve finished playing and set up a drum kit blindfolded. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t know how to play her parents’ vinyl records. She has one Spotify playlist (out of many) that can run for two full days without repeat and an active hatred for paperless concert tickets. She works that love of music into her writing through allusions to lyrics in imagery, characters named after songs and musicians, and behind-the-scenes playlists. She will even write to a metronome if she needs to give a scene just the right cadence.

D. loves things that begin with the letter C—coffee, cats, cities, conversation, concerts—and things that don’t—airports, humans, macrophotography, urban decay, macrophotography of urban decay, and the beauty of flaw. She encourages everyone to join her across social media and on Patreon. Strike up a conversation. What are you waiting for?

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Book Review: Prescriptions from Dr Love

book cover

Title: “Prescriptions From Dr. Love”
Written by: Dr. Suzy Al Mushca
Genre: Self Help

She asked me to think about why conventional medicine alone hadn’t found the answers to what truly plagued me and why the bags full of medicine hadn’t improved the condition in which my body was in. She smiled her knowing smile, eyebrows raised, the gentle but straightforward questions hanging in the balance as she waited for my response.”Ridden with medical complications that plagued her for almost all her life, Dr. Suzan Al Mushcab finally lay at death door, when what was supposed to be simple surgical procedure went horribly wrong. Though this is not a book about that event in her life, it is the backdrop to a miraculous recovery in health, mind and spirit for a doctor, by a doctor. The miracle wasn’t in conventional medicine, nor was it in alternative medicine completely. It was in conversations that Suzan had with her alter ego, Dr. Love.

Prescriptions from Dr. Love: 10 ways to transform Dis-ease to Ease takes us through the powerful conversations that Dr. Mushcab had with herself.

Using tools that she learned in both medicine, alternative therapies and self development, Dr. Love took herself from death door to a fulfilling, happy and healthy lifestyle in which she is now thriving. In Prescriptions from Dr.Love: 10 ways to transform dis-ease to ease, readers can learn

•Why their minds are powerful tool for healing themselves
•Why food is medicinal and not just nourishment
•Why conversations with yourself are important for leading yourself
•How to implement different strategies for self healing
•How to find the source of problems in your body and then work at healing from the inside out


Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab’s book, “Prescriptions From Dr Love,” offers a lot of helpful advice about using the power of your mind and thoughts to control the physical symptoms caused by guilt, anxiety and other negative emotions.

Al Mushcab details her “visits” dealing with a series of medical complaints she had for years and how, through changing the way she thought and felt about herself, she was able to solve the problems after traditional medicine failed to fix them. Her anxiety, fears and hidden insecurities caused migraines, constipation as well as other symptoms and one by one, the prescriptions given to her helped heal her mind and body.

She also goes in to how her on the go diet wasn’t as good as it could have been and how stressful her life was, but the main points in her book are about learning to love herself as well as raising her self esteem and learning to take care of herself.

She has a list of each of the “prescriptions” given to her by her alter-ego, “Dr. Love” with the process she put herself through to get those steps.

If you are plagued with digestive symptoms, headaches and other irritants (or even if they are disabling) and conventional medication isn’t helping, this book is worth reading. She goes into details as well as writes out the internal conflict as though she was actually speaking with someone else. It’s to the point and written easily enough for anyone to understand and the prescriptions give easy to follow advice.


You can get your copy from Amazon

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My Dream Journal is Up For Sale

After talking about it and working on it for the past few months, my dream journal is up and ready.

In this, there is space to record your dreams along with descriptions of common themes. I’m already in the middle of working on a dictionary to go along with this and am hoping to release that out by the end of the year.

It’s 10.00 a copy, you can get it here.