Toys For Infants, Toddlers and Kids I recommend.

This is an affiliate page, but every single toy or item I will post will be things I have used or have had for my kids- every single item will be things I will recommend.

The first toy I recommend is a toy that has been given to both of my girls. They both played with it long after they were walking and still would if we hadn’t got rid of them to make room for bigger toys. You can get it here.

The next toy is the My First Slide, even at 3 and petite 7, my girls love playing with theirs. We had one in our small apartment that our 7 year old would spend hours running up and down and now, my 3 year old does it at grandma and grandpa’s. They are great for inside and outside- all weather.

The third toy is the VTech Rhyme and Discover Book
It’s a great first book- fun lights, talking and sounds- and drool proof, so baby chewing won’t make it soggy or break down.