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Whether you’re looking to do a ritual for bringing good luck to your career, business, first date with who could be a promising partner or just luck in general, look no further. These kits contain the supplies needed for beginners or higher along with a laid out ritual that I created (see note below about the ritual, not all rituals are right for all practitioners, these are rituals I have used in my decade + of spell work)

I am going to say- I am NOT selling a spell, I do not do spells for people and the spell is dependent on your intent- you are the spell caster. I am selling the supplies needed to do a spell and there will be a written incantation along with a laid out ritual. If doing the ritual itself doesn’t feel right, you can use the items in the kit and create a ritual of your own. I will give a recommendation on the moon phase that the spell will work best and the colors included in the candles will be the best colors to use.
I will also include a sage candle with all kits to purify your ritual space prior to doing the spell, if you have allergies and can’t handle sage- tell me upon purchase and I’ll swap it out for unscented. All other candles are unscented.

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