Online tarot spreads

1 card readings

I will draw one tarot and send you a basic but somewhat detailed response to one question as a PDF file. This is not a highly detailed reading


3 card tarot reading

This is a detailed three card draw. You ask one question and I'll draw 3 cards and send a PDF of the reading


5 card tarot reading

This is one of the most detailed general drawings I do. You ask a question and I'll draw 5 cards and send the PDF to you.


Per minute chat- 1.00 a minute up to 60 minutes

Sampler- (1 tarot, 1 iching toss and 1 rune spread) 5.00


1 draw (speed,1 question)- 5.00

3 rune draw- 10


1 toss- 5.00

3 tosses- 10.00

Astrological chart reading- 25.00

Numerological and astrological compatibility reading- 30.00

1 year 12 card tarot 25.00

1 dream analysis- 10.00

I take PayPal and any other payments are directed to Etsy.