Is Gluten Free Right For You?

After going off gluten to test myself over seven years ago after a Hashimotos diagnosis, it has become second nature to me. I know what I can and cannot eat at what restaurants, have preferred foods and have some restaurants I have not ate at in years. I may not have a Celiac diagnosis, but I feel the effects now and my doctor refuses to retest me because I would have to go on a regular diet (and I cannot do a normal diet now).

Just because someone isn’t diagnosed with Celiac doesn’t mean it’s a problem. A gluten free diet also isn’t a magical cure, like some people try to say. If you’re gluten free but don’t need to be, it can cause as many problems as eating it can cause someone who is intolerant. I will go through the ins and outs of going on the gluten free diet, as well as some tips for taking it out to see if it works for you.

If you’re not Celiac or intolerant, you may find that your health isn’t as good. (to be continued)

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