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I am now running a dream interpretation course

I’ll be doing a local in person course later when the Virus pandemic is under control, but until then I’ll be running it online.

It’s going to be close to 12 lessons, lesson 1 won’t be video, it’ll just be the introduction and what to expect.

It’ll be going up around this evening or tomorrow.

I’m aiming each to be around 20-40 minutes with enough information I’m going to have you interpreting your dreams and for your friends, coworkers and family.

I’ve been doing this on Etsy for 3 years, have 1 of a 3 book series published and have been studying and keeping record of my own dreams (and interpreting for friends and family) for over 20 years now.

I was going to charge 20 per lesson but for the introductory price of 50 for the full class, you can sign up here.


Beginner Guide to Protection Magick — Astromommy

Protective and cleansing magick is probably the first type of magick that should be learned. It helps cleanse an area to prepare for a serious ritual, it helps offer protection while getting ready to divine or cast a spell and it helps prepare a new living space. When you gain enough experience, you can even […]

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Book Review/Spotlight: Grad Night — All Things Fantasy

Book: Grad Night Links to purchase: Universal US UK Canada AUS India Author: Carver Pike Genre: Horror Pages: 194 Synopsis (from Amazon): “School should never be synonymous with danger, but that’s exactly what it has become. Students are violent, with each other and with the staff. Teachers and administrators have been attacked. This is nothing […]

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Advertise with me

I have decided to create advertising profiles for business blogs on this site


I’m charging one flat fee for one month and that will get you

1 feature interview on this site, shared across Twitter, Facebook (several groups, pages, my personal profile) and Instagram
2 blog posts featuring products or services you’re offering
All three will link back to your site
1 month of regular posts on all three social networks and will share your posts as well.

Message me at dreamguru88@gmail.com if you’re interested, since the holiday season is coming up, I know how important advertising is this time of the year.




Book Review: The Whole30 Day by Day — DIY MOMMY

The Whole30 Day by Day is a journal. It’s best to buy than check out so you can write in the book. It gives you a day by day on what to expect, possible symptoms and gives you a place to write encouraging thoughts as well as record your feelings, cravings and thoughts. It’s a […]

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Best Things About Writing Fantasy — All Things Fantasy

Writing is a lot of fun in any genre. It gives you the chance to create your dream version of yourself. You can live through your characters, make up your own worlds, languages and anything else- it’s the ultimate way to exercise your imagination. When writing fantasy, things are slightly different. If you don’t want […]

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Book Review: It Starts With Food — DIY MOMMY

I have read “It Starts with Food” numerous times. It’s the book that kicks off starting the Whole30, written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig , the man and woman behind the Whole30 diet. It details the reasons they created the diet, the symptoms you should expect to experience while “detoxing” from sugar and the other […]

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