Not your typical “mommy blogger”

I’m a 30 something married mother of two living and 1 angel (all girls). I love coffee, herbal tea, obsessing over ingredients in the food I buy, obsessively reading labels, DIY, Etsy, social networks, cats, cat pictures, funny cat videos, cute cat videos, Starbucks peppermint lattes, long walks and good workouts.

I blog about whatever pops into my head- usually food related, I have 2 Etsy shops and in my free time (when I get it) I can be found either cooking, cleaning, baking, making candles, sewing, reading or writing.

I currently am building up several niche sites. They can be found here:

Crafts/food (focus on allergy friendly, healthy, Paleo, Gluten and dairy free and right now Whole30

Pagan/Spiritual and Pagan parenting

Fantasy book/movie reviews and more (all things related to fantasy)

WV travel

Mommy/pregnancy books and product reviews and advice

If you’re interested in working with me, any post will not only be shared on the niche site, they will be shared on this site and across all social media. Contact me here to discuss everything. I’ll do anything from product or book reviews, spot lights or write up a page talking about the product.

Just contact me on this site if you’re interested in working with me.



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