What is the Soul Mate?

Everyone dreams about finding their soulmate, people consider the soulmate to be “the one” they were meant to be with, but everyone has multiple soul mates. Soul mates are people that come in and out of our lives in order to teach us lessons in life.

Some will hurt us, some will love us and some, we will not get along with. Some will stay in our lives and with social media, it’s easier now than ever to keep in touch with those special people in our lives.

Some will come in and out of our lives.

If you had a whirl wind relationship- the excitement followed by the inevitable heartbreak, there is a good chance you met a soul mate who wasn’t meant to last.

Many people get the concepts of twin flame and soul mate mixed up, everyone only has one twin flame but many soulmates.


How do I know I’ve found a soulmate?

If you feel a deep, intense connection to someone, it feels like you both have known each other for years even though you only met or you just naturally feel comfortable around them; that typically means you found a soul mate. A soulmate can be a child, sibling, family member, friend, significant other or even a pet.

If someone comes into your life and you learn an important lesson, that person/animal was likely a soulmate. Some will stay active in your life but others will simply slip away after the lesson is learned.


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