Not sure if this is a fail or success

My girls and I decided to attempt bath bombs this afternoon. They had fun mixing and making a mess, they loved using one in the bath but they turned out nothing like they were supposed to. They crumble in my hand and I’m having to keep them in the mold until used. I think I know what I did wrong and we still have stuff for more, but would it be a success since they had fun or a fail since it didnt work right?

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Daily Numerology

Numerology of today
Today is a 7 (6-26-2018- is 25- 2 and 5 is 7)
Today is a spiritual day, good time to meditate and think about the deeper things in life. Make sure to work some creativity into your day as well as focus energy on a creative endeavor.

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Homemade Mocha Latte

I love mocha lattes from Starbucks and finally found a recipe for it a while back. It tastes just as good as the ones from there.I was able to make it Gluten/Dairy/Soy free

Fresh brewed coffee

Cocoa Powder

Sweetened Almond milk


Brew your coffee then mix a spoon of cocoa powder, 2 spoons of sugar and add milk to your preference.

The alternative I found was to use chocolate almond milk and it works almost as well (not as good, but still good)

If you don’t need it to be dairy free, add some whipped cream on top and toss in a few df/gf/sf Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips on top.

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Home made Pumpkin Spice Latte

I know this is early, but the coffee post made me think of it.

I found a great recipe for gf/df Pumpkin Spice that tasted as good as any you’d get professionally. I played with it and tweeked it til I found a great combo.



1 tsp Pumpkin (canned or pureed)

sprinkle cinnamon, ginger or the pumpkin pie mix

1 tsp sugar

add in as much sweetened almond milk as you want (or instead of cocoa powder and sugar, add sweetened almond milk)

Brew your coffee as normal

Mix the pumpkin, spices, and sugar together

Add the pumpkin mix to the coffee, add in milk and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

The pureed pumpkin doesn’t always mix in fully with the coffee (sometimes it does) so most of the time, it’ll be a weird texture but it tastes just as good- has a lot less calories and is allergy friendly.

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“Mommy likes coffee”

“Mommy likes coffee, Michelle likes coffee”

“You sneezed, mommy”

“I didn’t sneeze, mommy”


I love watching and listening to my daughter. She amazes me daily with some of the things she says. Our seven year old is growing her vocabulary as well- she’s starting to speak in small sentences and says anything. Learning (teaching herself) how to read has been a huge plus- now she reads and she’s getting faster and faster.

The two year old also has a great imagination- which is growing the seven year old’s as well. They play pretend and Diana takes on the characters Michelle gives her. lol

They’re always Annie and Quincy from Baby Einsteins.

My two year old also says some of the funniest things and (bad thing) seems to know no stranger. We’re working on that one..

What are some of your kids’ most used or funniest phrases? My daughter will announce to people that mommy likes coffee (guess that’s my fault for drinking it all the time)

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I’ve been thinking a bit and I’m going to start doing craft tutorials

of some of the Pinterest type crafts I have done over the years- the good ones, not the fails.

I have found a lot of really cute ideas over the years.

I will do a tutorial for the ghost kit I sell ( to show step by step how to put a hanging ghost together closer to Halloween and I will find some of the other simple, easy for kids crafts we have done. I’m also going to continue posting recipe conversions (dairy/soy/gluten free) Note that most of the recipes are not mine, they are normal recipes I have gotten from magazines, websites and cookbooks that I have made altercations to for my daughter and I to eat.

If there are any types of crafts you’d like to see (either video or pictures, I’m going to do both here and on Youtube), let me know in the comments.


I’m going to do a short series to show how to loom knit- I will show a hat first, a bag, then a scarf.



Day 10- story about your dad

I am not going to continue the daily challenge. I didn’t put enough thought into making most of the items easy to quickly do when you’re busy but I’ll try to get to a few just to see how I can do.

A few days ago it was a story about your dad.

I don’t remember this but its my dad’s favorite story.

I was 3. My dad was working on a pipe under the sink. They gave me a nearly empty jar of peanut butter and a plastic knife to eat it. My dad felt tugging at his jeans so he looked down and I had been painting peanut butter all over the back of his pants, legs and myself.

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When I was talking to a behavior therapist about my OCD she gave me one large piece of advice and over the past few years, I’ve been taking it

She told me to deal with my anxiety and my OCD obsessions and worries/fears and phobias, I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I needed to start doing what makes me uncomfortable so I could see it isn’t as bad as my half black and white and half grey mind told me it was. That way, I could see the grey that I know is there instead of thinking in extremes. I consider OCD a black and white disorder where you know life is grey, you know there is no black and white but your brain tries to make you think it is.

I have read tons of blogs, sites, magazine articles and books about OCD. I have read about mindfulness, meditation and I try to practice mindfulness meditation daily. I also am learning how to talk myself down from the anxiety induced thoughts- embrace them then disprove them.

One of my biggest anxieties is how I look- the weight I have gained over the years and the difficulties I have with finding good workouts and the perfect diet. At my biggest, I was a size 20 and 220lbs. I am now down to 170 and a size 14/16 and am working on trying to get to an 8/10 by the end of the year. I’m finally out of plus size and 20lbs away from my goal of 150 (I was muscular when I was a teen- heavier but not too bad overweight. I was in shape and everyone thought I was about 20lbs lighter because I had more muscle). At my smallest, I was a size 5 and 125lbs- what my BMI said was ideal, but told I needed to eat (concerned friends- NOT people trolling me) and was told how sick I looked- I achieved my ideal BMI for 5’5” BUT lost a lot of muscle and couldn’t hold the weight because I barely ate at that particular time.

I have promised myself I will never look at 200lbs again. It adds about 10 years to my appearance and unlike some women, I cannot pull off being overweight. I look messy and much older.

Thanks to the insecurities and issues I have with my weight, I hardly have any pictures of myself without something covering my face partially or blocking me somehow. I hide behind my kids and I hide behind other things. I do not use beauty filters and when I post videos, I will not edit them- that way it’ll push me even more. I have been doing this for a while. I am able to hand select pictures and I don’t have to use picttures at all but yesterday, I started Vlogging on Youtube. I had always thought it sounded fun, but mixing talking in front of a camera (my speech impediment prevents me from even using the intercom at work) and showing my face, it pushed me past my comfort zone. I have posted one as an introduction to who I am and the other is about growing up and living now with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I was made fun of a lot growing up because of how I talk. I have a speech impediment and had to go through years of speech therapy. Now, it sounds like more of an accent than an impediment and I do not sound like a West Virginian.

I also still get a lot of comments about it now. A lot of times it’s “I love your accent” but it can never sound sincere to me. It reminds me of being mocked all through school. I have had people refer to me as “sexy exotic” (cue laughing after saying it). I also had a kid say he liked me “except the way I walked and talked” back in middle school. I still get asked on a weekly basis where I’m from and almost disbelieved when I say I’m from here. I try to not let it get to me but after being laughed at and mocked, it’s hard. For the first time, I actually have used an intercom system in the store I work at and I did my first video. I know I’ll never get fully over the anxiety of being heard aloud, but maybe as I get older I’ll be able to handle it better.


Day 9- Story about your mom

My mom has always been terrified of dogs. My neighbor had an old tiny dog who was half blind and half dead and couldn’t run. He was out one day and chased her into our yard.

That’s one of my most memorable memories of my childhood- watching her run into our yard and slam the fence shut as fast as she could while he was walking as quickly as his little legs could go behind her.


Day 8- Family story from growing up

One of my last (nonsick/hospitialized) memories of my grandma was her 80th birthday party. We all got together at my house (I was about 14, it was right before she died) and celebrated. It was also one of the last family events I was comfortable at.

It was just a small celebration- my parents, a few cousins, some aunts and uncles.

I don’t remember tons, but we had cake and ice cream and it was one of my very last pleasant memories of her.She went downhill fast, her birthday was May 1 and she died June 18.