I know it’s old, but I’m now on day 4 of the 99 days of freedom facebook fast

I have gone on my husband’s account to check the news stations posts a few times- dealing with the weather and to make sure there are no “do not use” water advisories since the water crisis was this time back in 2014.

I have attempted this in the past but ended up going back for various reasons. This time, to avoid it, I have left my messenger open so I can contact people if need be. With messenger, I should be able to stay off for the next 95 days since contacting people was always the reason I went back.


I try to take breaks on a regular basis but since my husband and I are cord cutters (ditched cable years ago and only ordered it again for college football season), we do get our local news from Facebook. Outside of that, we just use Facebook to keep up with friends and family. When my thyroid is off, I go through anxiety and depressive phases and I try to deactivate until I’m out of the phase- otherwise I can find myself venting and I don’t like talking about what I consider personal to people publicly.

The next 95 days shouldn’t be too hard. This will show in my Facebook feed, but that’s because I have this linked to my timeline directly and it posts immediately to my social networks.

Last time, it became easier and easier. Then, I needed to reach someone so I logged back in. This time, I kept messenger to avoid that issue.

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