Sometimes dreaming is too personal and too close to home in it’s message for even the most talented interpreter to interpret. 

That is normally where those of us who offer our services come in. I have yet to be told a dream I couldn’t interpret, until now. I had a strange dream last night and even though I can interpret the symbols, the dream seems to be giving me a deeper meaning and I’m unsure if I should attempt to interpret or if my subconscious would bend it to what I would want to hear. I would normally ask, but in my circle, I am the dream chick. 
I wrote that a few days ago when I had the dream. Since then I have managed to figure the meaning out. The point still remains, though. 

It’s about the same as it is for reading tarot or other divination methods. I’ll read for myself for practice but I still will go for a second opinion. Tarot, dreams, all the other methods of divination can all be great tools but they can easily be lost when you’re trying to do it for yourself. 

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