Thoughts from staying home with sick kids

So, for the past few weeks, we have been dealing with sick kids. They started with innocent colds. I came home from work about a month ago and started to develop a cold. It turned to bronchitis, which has been my norm since I was my oldest child’s age- six years. I’m now getting over the cold and never needed medication. Two weeks ago, they started getting colds. The colds turned briefly into fevers but my youngest had an appointment today and I wanted to hold off. My youngest’s fever peaked at my parents’ house last weekend but they quickly fixed it. I considered taking her in earlier but every time I thought about it, her fever was gone and she was playful. On Sunday, my husband had been feeling sick so I finally talked him into going into the ER. He found out he had pneumonia so I left work early and we took both girls to the ER. The results were that my youngest had pneumonia and my oldest has a sinus infection. 

I took yesterday off work to help my sick husband take care of the sick girls and was off today.  Today we had my youngest’s well child, both ER follow ups and my oldest had a dentist appointment along with that, my oldest had speech and occupational therapy and Tuesday is grocery shopping day. I swear, between bleaching down the kitchen (bathroom is next), throwing out any expired food, rearranging the food in the cabinets and cleaning all the table/counter tops, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, dishes, making sure both girls ate as much as I could get them to eat and drink, I feel like I’ve had no time to myself. Even after they went to bed, I had an online tarot reading to send and the finishing touches on cleaning the kitchen. Now I’m still in that boat- I’ve been gone all day and my husband is doing the bedtime ritual so I’m finally getting a moment- before vacuuming and dishes once again. I can’t wait until all antibiotics are given and my girls are back to their playful and happy selves. 


I’m trying this whole blogging thing out… again

I’ve always had issues sticking with a blog. I’ll start one, then it will just sit around for years until I finally remember it exists or try to create a new one and can’t use my main e-mail address.

Lately, I have been challenging myself to write a tiny bit every day. I have 2 finished rough drafts- 1 novel and 1 short story. The novel, I’m working my full OCD on because I am hoping to get it published traditionally. I also have a project I put together about 9 years ago testing self publishing.


In this blog, I’ll be posting random things I’ve been writing. I’ve written topics from getting married young to child loss to having young kids, special needs kids and random short stories that pop into my head so there is no one subject I’ll be posting about.